Things I Love


It’s not Thursday but I still love things. Yesterday I was tied up working on a huge paper about teen advocacy in public libraries. I love learning about this stuff, but papers are not my favorite, of course.

Also yesterday I booked a trip to Tulsa in May. I’ll be there for 46 hours, traveling for over fourteen all together but it will be worth it to see my friends and Hanson and Tulsa once more ❤

I love…
❤ April
❤ spring
❤ airports
❤ meeting internet friends (even if it's only for a few crazy hours)


❤ Boston
❤ Scrivener
❤ getting back into working on my novel

❤ Stuck In Love (& the soundtrack)
❤ sea salted chocolate
❤ salads with greens, goat cheese, berries/ craisins and nuts

❤ coconut … Oil, butter, foot cream, scented candles and of course just plain old coconuts
❤ seeking out new restaurants to try. Finding one called Fairy Cafe
<3blueberry / chocolate Burt's Bees

What do you love today??




Things I Love Thursday


I borrowed this photo off the internet (here) and obviously didn’t bother to crop it or anything. My bad! I thought it wouldn’t have the download tag down at the bottom. Oh well 🙂


owls. even before they suddenly became popular. i loved watching them fly around the building at sonoma state university. i loved how my mom wrote a paper about seeing an owl in our driveway. i love my friend olga’s owl tattoo. i love how cute they are and can be made to be. i love walking into my house at night and hearing a hooting sound.

blood oranges. i first heard of blood oranges when francesca lia block published a short story called Blood Oranges. I became obsessed for a while. the other day i bought some but i haven’t even tasted one yet.

speaking of francesca lia block, i love when she publishes new novels. i’m always completely amazed and blown away. her most recent release Teen Spirit is one of my favorites

i also love taking writing classes, even if they’re online, especially if they’re taught by my favorite author

harry potter. i’m doing a slow rereading currently, just started Chamber of Secrets in the time last night

reading in the bath. i was afraid of it but now i think i’m in love. i love bright pink water with heart shaped confetti swirling around, bubbles, epsom salts and the comfort of warm water

booktube – this is something i just recently discovered and i’m sure i’ll write about it soon. also vlogs. so people record vlogs about books, reviews, “book hauls, tbr lists among various other topics. i’m thinking about trying vlogging. what are your thoughts about it?

mac book. i finally bought a mac book after years of thinking about and considering one. and i love it. i also think it’s a stranger creature. we are still getting acquainted

travel plans. have i told you about my upcoming travel plans? i will. oh, i will.

❤ ❤

what do you love today?


Melanie Kristy

Things I love Thursday – Thanksgiving Edition


((That’s the Mayflower to the left in the background))

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We host for my family at my house every year and I’m just between cleaning and setting up and getting dressed (and wearing a gold star shirt) and waiting for people to arrive.

If you don’t already know, I live a town over from where this day all started. I feel conflicted a lot about it because while I recognize what today is about, we don’t really know what started it. There are people who object to thanksgiving. Natives has their relatives killed. The Pilgrims came and TOOK over and that gets glossed over.

You know what else gets glossed over? The fact that some states allow retail stores to be open today (Massachusetts does not). It’s funny the juxtaposition of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Say your thanks today so you can be materialistic and save pennies tomorrow. Maybe get crushed or be the crusher.

Today I’m thankful for warm sunny mornings, iced coffee in mason jars and egg sandwiches. I’m thankful for dreaming and wishing and making big plans to see and do. I’m thankful for words and fiction for being a huge part of my life. I’m thankful for every breath I’m allowed to take, for the fact that my feet still work and dance around and for my body for being my vessel. I’m thankful for my amazing friends and family all over the world. I’m thankful for Facebook (yes,
Really) for keeping me connected for faraway friends I may never otherwise see and connect with. I’m thankful for J who came into my life only a few months ago and has already made me feel so much. I’m thankful for snail mail and foot lotion and bubble bars from Lush. I’m thankful I have today off as a paid holiday because I’m lucky enough to have a full time job with benefits. I’m thankful I went back to school when I did (instead of waiting). I’m thankful for my word warriors and Francesca Lia Block who are the supportive writing community I didn’t know I created. And lastly I’m thankful to have an abundance of food on my table and heat to keep us warm during these cold days.

What are you thankful for?

Melanie Kristy

Things I Love Thursday – Friday Edition




Early work days
Fiction books about travel and love
Compiling snail mail
Green tea nail polish
Going out for tea and lunch
Sharing slices of cake
Hallmark Ornaments


Trying on snowflake glasses
Coupons for free meals and $10 off and free coffee because it’s my birthday month

Tea cups and tea cup shaped things
Starting Christmas shopping
Dinner with friends

What so you love this week?

Things I Love Thursday


A weekly love letter/ gratitude list. What do you love this week?

Spending time at the beach even if it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside and it snowed earlier that day
Gingerbread Man hot coffee from Marylous
Amazon packages in the mail
Extra time off
Birthdays (mine was this past Tuesday! When is yours?)
Cupcakes (my boyfriend who doesn’t bake made me some for my birthday. It was really sweet and they were super delicious)
Pot pie
Family dinners
Tea – especially Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals, it tastes so good, sweet without added sweeteners
Meeting Francesca Lia Block again. More on this coming soon!
Photo booths, even the crappy mall ones

Things I Love Thursday


In an effort to stop and take inventory of my life, find time to appreciate the little things and share the overall love I have for life I am participating in Things I Love Thursday which was originally started by Gala Darling but remembered by lots of bloggers and readers.

I love
Touring libraries
& moon gazing
& deciding on classes to take next semester
& naps
& receiving mix CDs
& brainstorming for Christmas (already!)
& Halloween costumes I probably won’t need to wear
& finding and making alone time
& I’m going to have a sister! Technically two seeing as I’m inheriting my future sister-in-law’s sister
& looking up dog breeds on my phone
& Zines
& thinking
& breathing
& shopping online
& trips to Lush, especially when they have new product


What do you love today?