Things I Love Thursday


I used to post love lists every Thursday and called them Things I Love Thursday inspired by what Gala Darling started years ago. I stopped and I started again. I tried to do my own but the acronym stuck and here I am again, holding into any sort of inspiration to bring me back here. This is a love letter to the universe, a gratitude list and a place for pretty pictures.

Today I love …
Jazz dance
Walking in the jetty in Plymouth
dr Marten flats
iOS 7
Phone filters
Silver nail polish
Harry Potter movie marathons
The way my muscles hurt the day after exercising
Dates – platonic & romantic
Ampersands &&&
Trying to invent emoticons
Weddings – one of my dearest friends from high school is getting married this weekend and I’m lucky enough to be a part of her wedding

What do you love today?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Ooh I want a smart phone so badly but I can’t justify paying an extra $30/mo per line, that’s insane! So Mark and I both have stupid phones, and mine is even more stupid than his. Boo.

    I love cupcakes and zines so much. I am currenty toying with the idea of making another zine so I might be doing that early 2014. Our birthdays are coming up, yay! What presents are you hoping for? &&&&&&&& please be posting pictures of you looking all ravishing in your bridesmaid dress, wee!

  2. Smart phones get pricey with data packages, but I love mine so much I can’t imagine not having one. My boyfriend has an old enV, and at first it took me a while to remember the quality if the pictures I sent him doesn’t translate and he can’t see emojis or click on links.

    Cupcakes and zines are the best! You should make another one. I’ve been toying with making one myself! I still have lots of old ones I can send you. Bridesmaid pictures to come!

    I’m not sure what presents I’m hoping for as far as my birthday goes, what about you? I should make a wishlist and put it on here. I never know what to ask for from people — I’d rather get my own selfish things, but I really appreciate thoughtful gifts.

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