Things I Love Thursday


I borrowed this photo off the internet (here) and obviously didn’t bother to crop it or anything. My bad! I thought it wouldn’t have the download tag down at the bottom. Oh well 🙂


owls. even before they suddenly became popular. i loved watching them fly around the building at sonoma state university. i loved how my mom wrote a paper about seeing an owl in our driveway. i love my friend olga’s owl tattoo. i love how cute they are and can be made to be. i love walking into my house at night and hearing a hooting sound.

blood oranges. i first heard of blood oranges when francesca lia block published a short story called Blood Oranges. I became obsessed for a while. the other day i bought some but i haven’t even tasted one yet.

speaking of francesca lia block, i love when she publishes new novels. i’m always completely amazed and blown away. her most recent release Teen Spirit is one of my favorites

i also love taking writing classes, even if they’re online, especially if they’re taught by my favorite author

harry potter. i’m doing a slow rereading currently, just started Chamber of Secrets in the time last night

reading in the bath. i was afraid of it but now i think i’m in love. i love bright pink water with heart shaped confetti swirling around, bubbles, epsom salts and the comfort of warm water

booktube – this is something i just recently discovered and i’m sure i’ll write about it soon. also vlogs. so people record vlogs about books, reviews, “book hauls, tbr lists among various other topics. i’m thinking about trying vlogging. what are your thoughts about it?

mac book. i finally bought a mac book after years of thinking about and considering one. and i love it. i also think it’s a stranger creature. we are still getting acquainted

travel plans. have i told you about my upcoming travel plans? i will. oh, i will.

❤ ❤

what do you love today?


Melanie Kristy


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love owls too and way before they became popular. Like, when I moved into my house five or six years ago, an owl was my first plushie sewing project. I’m kind of in a love/hate relationship with how popular they are all of a sudden because (love) they’re so much easier to find now and (hate) because I feel like something special was taken from me.

    I never heard of blood oranges before Monday- I didn’t buy them though because citrus causes some stomach problems for me so I just looked and smelled them longingly. I bet they’re delicious (please update me on this).

    I also love reading in the bathtub but that stopped when I got a Kindle because I can be a bit of a butterfinger. I dropped a couple of books in the tub before but once they dried out they were fine to read again- Kindle books not so much!

    Looking forward to hearing about booktube and anything else that tickles your fancy to write about.

    • thanks for always posting thoughtful replies. i’m writing a post just for you right now. blood oranges are good! a bit sweeter than regular oranges (I think, at least) and just a little different. I need a bath pillow or something because it’s hard to actually get comfortable. In a tub of water I only kind of half fit in.

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