Things I Love


It’s not Thursday but I still love things. Yesterday I was tied up working on a huge paper about teen advocacy in public libraries. I love learning about this stuff, but papers are not my favorite, of course.

Also yesterday I booked a trip to Tulsa in May. I’ll be there for 46 hours, traveling for over fourteen all together but it will be worth it to see my friends and Hanson and Tulsa once more ❤

I love…
❤ April
❤ spring
❤ airports
❤ meeting internet friends (even if it's only for a few crazy hours)


❤ Boston
❤ Scrivener
❤ getting back into working on my novel

❤ Stuck In Love (& the soundtrack)
❤ sea salted chocolate
❤ salads with greens, goat cheese, berries/ craisins and nuts

❤ coconut … Oil, butter, foot cream, scented candles and of course just plain old coconuts
❤ seeking out new restaurants to try. Finding one called Fairy Cafe
<3blueberry / chocolate Burt's Bees

What do you love today??




2 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. And because of that last little photo of one of my soul sisters, I ended up instantly on and the second Miss Peregrine’s book is now on its way to my house. We have problems, Mel.
    Awesome, literary problems. 😉

    Also, I miss you. Come to Norway for a vacation. xo

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