New England Clam Chowder; Cabby Shack

Last night at Cabby Shack, Krista kept asking me about the clam chowder. To be honest, I’ve had it before, but I couldn’t remember a thing about it. I knew I wanted it because I tend to get chowder cravings at the oddest (and every once in a while the most appropriate) of times. I knew it wasn’t terrible or that there wasn’t some part of it that stood out to me that I wasn’t a fan of. Like, for example, I always remember that Panera Bread doesn’t have my favourite clam chowder. I can never remember why. Having eaten it recently I know, at the moment at least, that it’s because it’s completely lacking salt and maybe lacking a little bit of oniony flavour. Also it lacks a good amount of clam flavour.

Finally she explained that Cabby Shack’s clam chowder was featured on Food Network’s “Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten” and apparently it’s amazing. But her mom said it wasn’t that good.

Even though I planned on ordering the chowder before that moment, I knew I absolutely had to have it then. The chowder comes out in mugs — the usual coffee size for a “cup” or a round I-need-copious-amounts-of-tea size for a “bowl” size. It’s often spilling over the ceramic, possibly down the server’s arms and when our server set it down I knew there was no possible way this chowder “isn’t that good”.

There was a small pool of yellowy butter that needed to be mixed into the creamy chowder. Before then I hadn’t realized that chowder had butter in it. It was chunky and thick, potato-y and clammy and everything a good chowder should be. It wasn’t too bland, wasn’t too, well anything really. It was perfect and I can absolutely see why it would be on “The Best Meal I Ever Ate”. If you ever find yourself in the Plymouth area, I highly recommend stopping by Cabby Shack, taking a picture of yourself as a lobster, then eating an abundance of delicious chowder.

We left wishing we had ordered the chowder in bread bowls and left our meal at that.

It’s posts like these that remind me that I should look into writing reviews for restaurants or being a part time food critic. On the drive back to my house we discussed our pitch ideas for the Travel Network (and maybe possibly the Food Network). If it doesn’t work out for me to be a part time food critic, I absolutely would not protest for a television show to send us to Europe to eat, date, cook or any of the above.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


Bagged Part 2; An Update

Seriously, guys? I think it was last Monday that I announced my attempt to bring bagged lunches to work. The success rate of said adventure so far is about 34%. Out of the past two weeks I’ve brought my lunch three days. Actually I think I may have only eaten it two of those three days.

What, I ask you, is my problem? Some mornings I just can’t find the energy to think about lunch, other mornings (like this morning, I admit) I forget completely. Sometimes I just can’t see past all of the condiments and cartons of milk in my refridgerator to actually put together some sort of decent meal.

Though I must admit that on the days that I did eat in the back room, book in hand while I fished through a plastic Shaws’ bag, I did feel better during the rest of the day. I may have found myself starving (slight exaggeration) by the time 5:15pm hit but at least I didn’t suffer the last few hours of work sleepy and to full.

Next week is vacation, so I’m hoping to gain some sort of regularity in the way that I eat breakfast and lunch that hopefully I can carry with me into the work week.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


Do you ever feel like your psyche is playing tricks on you? Like you do things in order for you to have the excuse to do something else? If that doesn’t really make sense, allow me to explain: Sometimes I feel as if I’m legitimately addicted to things that seem like silly/ impossible things to be addicted to. For example, eating out for lunch whenever I’m at work. I find myself becoming way too lazy to make a lunch to bring with me, or on the days when I do bring one, I either find something wrong with said lunch, or I don’t know, I just plain don’t feel like eating it.

This has resulted in me spending a lot of extra money on my lunches, money I could be saving for a trip to Portugal or using to pay off the amount of student debt that looms over my head. This has also resulted in me hoarding a lot of extra calories that simply aren’t necessary. These calories have been either pushing my weight limit over the edge (as if it wasn’t already high enough) or just stalling my attempts to be and feel healthy.

So. Starting tomorrow (and I say tomorrow not only because I procrastinate but also because today was one of those days that I “forgot” about lunch, to say the least, and I don’t feel like eating a freezer meal) I plan on making this into an adventure. How so? I’m not really sure, but I’m working on that. Expect updates.

A couple obstacles I need to overcome (+ possible solutions):

* Feeling like the food I bring isn’t tasty enough (only bring the best food)
* Not wanting to spend my whole break in the breakroom (bring sandwiches or something I can eat while I drive elsewhere)
* Snack time is not chip and candy time (how did I even become this unhealthy? bring fruit!)
* Boredom does not equal snack time (fill that time with writing! – and not Spider Solitaire)

Does anyone else suffer from this inability to bring your own lunch? Can’t stop eating out? Have you conquered any of these obstacles and have some suggestions? Let me know!

<3. Melanie. Kristy