Things I Love Thursday – Friday Edition




Early work days
Fiction books about travel and love
Compiling snail mail
Green tea nail polish
Going out for tea and lunch
Sharing slices of cake
Hallmark Ornaments


Trying on snowflake glasses
Coupons for free meals and $10 off and free coffee because it’s my birthday month

Tea cups and tea cup shaped things
Starting Christmas shopping
Dinner with friends

What so you love this week?


Things I Love Thursday


A weekly love letter/ gratitude list. What do you love this week?

Spending time at the beach even if it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside and it snowed earlier that day
Gingerbread Man hot coffee from Marylous
Amazon packages in the mail
Extra time off
Birthdays (mine was this past Tuesday! When is yours?)
Cupcakes (my boyfriend who doesn’t bake made me some for my birthday. It was really sweet and they were super delicious)
Pot pie
Family dinners
Tea – especially Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals, it tastes so good, sweet without added sweeteners
Meeting Francesca Lia Block again. More on this coming soon!
Photo booths, even the crappy mall ones

Gentle Nudges January 2013



I’m a little late for this month but I’ve decided to try something new. Gentle Nudges is about tiny but real attempts as lifestyle changes. This first one is for the rest of January. It’s simple and direct:

drink more tea. every day.

I buy a lot of quality tea but I forget about it or just can’t make the effort to make an amazing cup to start out my morning with. Tea has a lot of benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, antihistamines, antioxidants, appetite suppressants and hydration.

what’s your favorite kind of tea?


Adventures in Peppermint Tea

Experiences in Peppermint tea. You know how they always say (who is they, anyway? I guess in my experience it’s websites/ magazines/ my tea book/ my book on Natural Healing etc etc) that Peppermint tea is amazing for cramps? No? Well they do say that. The woman who owns Healthy Appetites  in Plymouth also told me this. Anyway, sometimes I’m afraid of Peppermint. Not so much afraid, but the idea of a strong mint to drink just doesn’t appeal to me.
However, while I was pretty much dying during my vacation, I had consistant cramps and pains for a week straight, I decided to pick up a box of tea and give it a try. Now, I was weary. Would it taste like I be drinking warm mouthwash? That’s sort of what I imagined. Regardless, I stuck two packets of Truvia in a cup and brewed some water. Stick teabag in cup. Wait. Stir. Sip.
The results? Hm… well first off two packets of Truvia are way too much Truvia for this cup. It tasted like peppermint syrup. But other than that, it did the trick. At least, while I was sipping it, and while I could feel the warm tea moving through me. Cramps be gone! Once I was finished swallowing? Cramps come back! But, I mean, it was nice anyway. It leaves a nice cooling feeling in your mouth. And I didn’t mind it enough to try it again this morning (with only one packet of Truvia, however). It cools really quickly,  however.
I wonder how it would taste if I put hot choocolate in it, too…
<3. Melanie.Kristy