Summer Bucket List


Yesterday was the first day of summer and I am ready to dive right into amazing weather, beach days and reading outside. The reality is I’ll probably be hiding in air-conditioned libraries, sleeping with a wet facecloth on my face and scratching mosquito bites for months. Whatever. I am hopeful. So I made a list of things I would like to do / learn / see etc before the leaves turn colors and pumpkin spice is back in season.

Learn to parallel park – we never had to learn this for our drivers test and therefore I really can’t park unless I’m pulling (or backing) straight into a space.

Climb the Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown. It’s only 116 steps but I feel like that’s a sensible fitness goal for summer

Finish the first draft of my novel. I’ve been working on it for three years. It’s about time.

Have five go-to recipes that taste amazing and are easy/ simple to make and eat.

Learn to paddle board

Take a beach yoga class, or tai chi or qi gong

This list isn’t set in stone, I may update it as the summer passes and I hope to update you as well!

What’s on your summer bucket list?



Living In The Moment


(This post would best be read while listening to In The Summertime.)

It may only be the end of May, but summer is forcing itself on us quicker than usual. Massachsetts went from dark and cold, rainy days to humidity and sunshine over night. Am I aware that this probably won’t last? Sure. But I’m reveling in it while it’s here. Customers are happier, exclaiming, “Have a good weekend!” and smiling when otherwise they would be somber. Girls are wearing tiny shorts and flip flops and you can’t forget the sunglasses. I love sunglasses, even though I am a wearer of “corrective lenses” and I refuse to submit to the optomistrist-pressure of contacts.

Usually around this time of year, I think about tanning. I lament the fact that I do not have tan skin and I try to ignore the fact that I will never really be tan. Sure, I’ll get a tan. I’ll turn pink first, regardless, and my skin will darken just a little bit. Around this time of year I’m reminded that I should probably get perscription sunglasses. I think about how I miss the days when I had an entire summer stretched before me.

I remember bike rides around the cranberry bogs, buying slushes and making many stops to the public library. There’s a certain carefree feel about these months, even when I do work forty plus hours a week (And during the day, no less! It takes up most of the good beach time). I make pacts with myself not to take advantage of this weather. I want to appreciate it for exactly what it is so that maybe by the time winter comes I won’t be so upset that it’s gone.

I am going to focus on living in the moment more. When I think about the vacation week I have coming up, I’m already dreading the fact that it will be over. When I think about trying to make plans, I don’t want to because it will “waste” a day I have all to myself. Instead I want to plan with gusto, but not over plan. I want to spend my vacation doing everything I wish I could be doing while I’m at work. And I want to return to work feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed. This requires a lot of sunshine, not a lot of money spending and, I’m just going to come out and say it, yoga.

(I should start my yoga practice now so that by the time it’s vacation week I slide easily taking my practice too seriously).

It’s interesting how I can remember moments of my childhood summers so vividly I could practically taste those memories. Hiding out in my basement after we had to leave John’s Pond because it was thundering, naming a pile of rocks and the area around it Egypt, falling into a thorn bush because there were bugs in my face and I lost balance on my bike, diving into the pool after that to clean my cut up legs, hiding candles by tree trunks so we had something to play with, collecting stones and calling ourselves gypsies, reading Frankenstein while listening to August and Everything After on a camping trip. I used to camp all of the time with my family. I remember going to find a bathroom with my brother, we were probably eight and five. And we got lost on the way back to the camp because we were one road over from where we should have been. There was this place we used to go to that had a slide that went right into the pond. My cousin told me if I went down the slide with my hands in circles over my eyes a certain way, I’d go down faster. I remember trying this out. I remember the slide at my grandparents’ house, we probably spent all summer there.

I remember the summer of 2005 as being one of my favorites. I had themed parties every Thursday, and worked two jobs. Harry Potter parties with costumes and movies. A luau with a drunken girl and my cardboard cutout of Elvis got leied. A ridiculous pizza party. Soda cans keeping cool in the kiddie pool Shaylin and I bought (and hung out in with drinks and fancy glasses).

For some reason I can barely recall memories from other times of the year. Unless they are very specific to a time of year, or place.

I want this summer to be one to remember because every summer, ever moment should be one to remember. And it’s a lot easier to remember it if you were there, soaking in the entire atmosphere, showing up to your life and living in that exact moment.

It’s Already the Middle of January

I go through periods where, though I feel like it’s possible that I have tons to say, my words are stuck inside my mouth choking me as I stared wide-eyed out the window wishing for the snow to stop. Nothing feels important enough to write about, and yes not writing feels too important in a bad way. I think up posts that have nothing to do with actual writing. Then I ask myself why I am blogging if I am not going to write. Regardless, I guess I feel I owe it to someone to spit these words into the blogiverse and hope in time it corrects itself. (It always does).

In the mean time, here are some things to keep you going, widen your horizen or just plain entertain.

Recipes for a Green Monster Smoothie by Oh She Glows. I really do love green smoothies. I love them for breakfast, but it’s not really a great time to make smoothies in the a.m. if while I’m walking out to my car my feet become smoothies on the way. (I woke up to snow this morning, it turned into rain. The streets are puddles).

Adopt Rinah.

This is a really touching story. I love that people love so much.

Make Love Not Horcruxes


Kyla Roma has this great tutorial for how to make your own day planner. The one she pictures is totally adorable!

This girl is trying to raise $14,000 by May 6th 2011, the 14th Hanson Day to donate to Hope From The Heartland, a nonprofit organization that’s associated with Take The Walk.

Care to be pointed out the redundancy and poor grammar that makes up all fives books that make up the Twilight Series? Check it out here. I’m pretty fond of the posts addressing people who get mad at her for her blog. Also the FAQs are amusing.

Why don’t you commit to three weeks of yoga? (The commitment is hard, I know. I’m working on attempting to do day one. Currently the way my monitor sits and the fact that my floor is messy is keeping me away from this attempt.)

The Golden Girls is an awesome show. Just ask my best friend. Orr you could watch this episode. It will definitely win you over.

And I leave you with my book suggestion of the day: The Hunger Games (trilogy, really) by Suzanne Collins. Dystopia, teenagers fighting to the death while the entire world watches obsessively, a boy whose father owns a bakery, colourful characters and a girl who doesn’t realize her actions are starting a revolution.

How Do You Relax?

This morning (okay so almost afternoon) I feel completely incapable of freeing my mind, clearing whatever is going on inside there and actually thinking of something new.  So what I want to know today is, what do you do to wind down?

I was doing yoga.  It was working effectively but it’s hard work to do yoga to wind down, and though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it just makes it a little harder for me to force myself to go that way.

I always think that reading and laying down or watching TV or a movie will help. It doesn’t. I think that might have to do with the fact that sometimes in attempt to feel relaxed, I ignore other things that I should be doing (listing those books on Amazon, putting my clothes away, etc.) and the reminder is there all the while I’m trying to relax. (So in theory I should DO those things then try to relax? Yeah, I know.) I walk sometimes but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. So I’m just wondering what your tricks are.

More often lately I’ve been very aware of my shoulders and how I hold them. I tend to tense them without even realizing it, even while I’m trying to sleep my shoulders “fall” very close to my ears. I feel better as soon as I realize my posture and try to straighten and losing my shoulders. There’s no need to sit or lay or walk around like I’m carrying the whole world up there. Cliche or not. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying everyone elses’ worlds, too.

But anyway. I need more yoga. What else?


Things I Love Thursday

— Jerry, my yoga teacher. He’s nothing short of amazing. How can you not be amazing when you’re 68 years old and teaching yoga?
— Urban Decay Eyelid Primer. I seriously thought there was something wrong with my skin, NO eyeshadow would ever stay on my eyes for more than approximately fix and a half minutes, seriously.
— Writing poetry in the point of view (and for the purpose of) fictional character
— One more shift before vacation!
— Planning to get a certificate to teach TESOL starting maybe next fall
— The weather has been feeling more like Fall lately!
— Looking forward to King Richard’s Faire next weekend
The Little Book of Hindu Deities   I need to invest in this book asap.
— Signing up for 20 Something Bloggers. Unfortunately the internet at my house is too slow for me to actually do anything on the site.
What do you l ove this week?
❤ Melanie.Kristy

Taking the Negative as it Comes.

A reflection on what I’ve become. You know, I want this blog to be all about positivity–in my life and in yours. But how do you always remain positive, or at least only show that side of yourself without feeling like a phony? I guess some people can do that. They can only show one side and just purely forget about the rest.
So, since I refuse to turn this blog into something negative, or allow the negativeness to creep though, I am still going to keep it real. I am also going to make sure to maintain a balance or something. But here’s the deal, I keep on forgetting to write, my mind is blank and I can not help but feel overwhelmed by every single aspect of my life right now. A month ago I read an old journal entry I wrote one night when I was down and depressed and I felt sick to my stomach by the fact  that I used to feel so down like that. I remembered all those feelings, those nights when the darkness felt like it was going to swallow me whole. I don’t want my days to turn into that now. But I’m not letting them. I’m spending a lot of time watching movies and trying to be by myself so that I don’t feel like something else, something bigger than I am, is going to take over me.
I’ve been not hanging out as much as normal, I’ve been not going out of my way to make plans or keep in touch. I feel like my mind is void of things to say, void of topics to blog about, but at the same time I feel like slowly I am figuring out how to do this all.
Positive things I’ve been doing lately:
& Taking walks, even though sometimes they’re in the dark
& Going to yoga. or thinking about going to yoga
& I plan to get back into SLR photography old-school style with film and all
& Wishing I was in Portugal with a certain person who will remained unnamed
& Reading slowly
& Sleeping better than I can ever remember sleeping (and that, folks, is due to the CPAP Machine that has been perscribed to me for CPAP therapy. That’s another post for another day, though)
& Acting snobby about the products I put on my skin and into my hair. I deserve the best. (Also reminding myself of this when I’m eating. Because it never works out the same way, though the philosophy should be the same)
& Listening to Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins podcasts and Sarah Von’s Wanderlust Workbook
& Trying to wean myself off my addiction to Spider Solitaire. It’s become a sickness.
What do you do when you feel like the entire world is going to collapse in on you?

xoxo. Melanie.Kristy

August Aspirations

So I’ve decided that my three main priorities in life right now are the following (in alphabetical orer because I’m terrible at picking favourites): health, money, writing. These three main factors have ALWAYS been a large part of my life, but I’m terrible at managing or controlling any of these aspects. Hence my new attempt at monthly goals & to dos. I’m also terrible at following through with anything, I get frustrated, bored, lazy or I just plain forget and many many goals are lost to the once-maybe-could-have-beens of my life.
My plan is to alternate a little bit, some months to be a little heavier on one aspect than another and just to simply find ways to fit these things into my life in healthy amounts.
So here is attempt number one: August 2010
Exercise four times a week
Yoga once a week (this is not included in exercising)
Make an effort to: drink water and take all pills
Be aware of what you’re eating
(Next month: Don’t eat out, continue with exercise & yoga, Weight Watchers!)
Do not withdraw from either savings accounts
Pay everything on time
Pay off two small cards
Write 3+ times per week (not during work)
Catch up on all blog posts
Do you think these goals are too much? What could I do to change/ alter them? I will report back at the end of the month 🙂
<3. Melanie Kristy