Wanderlust Italy 2

Most of these photographs I don’t even have words for. They just are.
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Wanderlust Italy 1

This is the first of many posts where I share pictures from my trip to Italy five years ago. I can’t believe it’s been five year. Italy was a country I was homesick for before I’d ever been and I dream about going back there every day. It was eating gelato multiple times a day, living in a walled city, discovering how to communicate all over again, the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, hurry up and wait, so much sunshine, postcard days, comfort in something foreign, trying limoncello, pizza with whole olives rolling off the slices, daily markets, siesta every afternoon, magic unfolding everywhere.


* I recently discovered picmonkey and I’ve been addicted to making pictures look awesome. So that’s where these were all edited.


I achieved Italy through student loans and a summer art history class. It had to be done and I needed to get there the fast way. We rode bikes around the city, took the train to Rome where we got lost inside ourselves, and we wandered around speaking broken Italian to interested and disinterested natives alike. I ate the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life and gelato was a daily treat. It’s been three years and I ache tonight just as much as I ached three years ago while we walked away from the city we temporarily called home.

it's no secret that pizza is my favourite food

the mediterranean

oh yes, it is love, Tuscan countryside

some espresso

St. Peter's Basilica

I left part of my heart there in the toes of those sneakers.

<3. Melanie.Kristy

Wanderlust Haikus

suitcases are packed
spontaneous departure
live within the world

homesick for your land
in love before we had met
i long to breathe you

one culture is not
enough for this country girl
please bring me with you

away we go and
promise me we will not stay
for eternity

he said that you should
remember the way fingers
feel against sidewalk

Some days I feel more longing than others to get out of this town and go exploring. Tonight my heart is bursting with homesickness and a feeling that can’t be filled by dreams and pictures.

I long for Italy. I long for other countries I’ve never been to. I long to see other parts of my world, America. I want to learn new languages and see new people and take cheesy tourist photographs.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

Eat. Pray. Love. Movie Edition

Let me start here: I absolutely ADORED Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. I’ve read it more than once, gushed about it to multiple people and cooed over it when I see it in stores. I loved reading about those three countries, she mentions Lucca (“my city” in Italy where I stayed three years ago), and I feel like I can identify a lot with Elizabeth — not so much in the sense that I am married and do not wish to be married, but more like I feel like maybe I don’t want to marry, and I don’t ever want to be stuck in t hat position, also that I am a writer and I want to go everywhere and see places and write about them.

Movie Edition: First off, the previews made it look like Gilbert was rich, that she just up and WENT to Italy. The movie takes no time in explaining where her funds for the trip come from. This turned my friend off while she was still debating on whether or not to watch it. I had to explain to her; Elizabeth Gilbert lost everything she had in her divorce. The only way she could fund her trip was to propose it as a book deal and get an advance. Though this sounds like an easy thing to do, think about it: she had to have done a whole lot of good writing and publishing before this to have any sort of credit enough to request an advance.

Moving on to the movie itself, Eat Pray Love was cute, had amazing scenery and a few scenes really hit home for me. I’ll watch it again, and probably even purchase it because it’s definitely a good movie for background sound or simply a movie of comfort. It’s a reminder of things that are possible, and adventures left to come. I left the theater with a huge sense of wanderlust, an urge to go someplace right THEN and wanting ice cream because that was our real plan. I also left wishing that Elizabeth Gilbert played herself in the movie. She was much nicer to look at and I feel like her personality would have fit very well (though this is something one would hope seeing as she was being portrayed…)

¬†Unfortunately I felt there were many scenes that did not convey the real feeling that the book had. Parts of the book were glossed over or ignored in ways that I guess make sense, because this is a movie and not all things are “important” to the movie, but that didn’t make me feel any less disappointed with the outcome. Overall I would suggest the movie, but if you’ve read the book it’s one of those that will never live up. I guess that’s to be expected though, right?

<3. Melanie.Kristy