Wacky Wednesday


I don’t know, I just like alliteration. Sometimes too much.

What’s one of the wackiest things you’ve ever eaten?

For me, it’s escargot rangoon. Oh, and I tasted antelope burger. This was all last week! (Story coming soon).

Other odd food related things:
I used to drink pickle juice out of the jar
When I was younger I had one of those McDonalds food maker things. I had the cookie maker. There were times when our “cookies” turned out green and soupy.


I have no idea what was in them.
Butter and roasted garlic on toast.
Bacon flavoured chocolate.

I know there’s other things, I just can’t think right now.


Things I Love Thursday: Food.


This is the food edition because, hey why not? And food is great.

Pizza – especially mushroom and buffalo chicken (but not together). Or just plain cheese with red pepper flakes. And garlic salt. Brick over style, bar style, personal size, extra large, on english muffins…

Cupcakes – mainly because they look so cute. Also because they’re pretty tasty (especially when purchased from a cupcake bakery).

Indian food – Vegetable Samosas are my favourite but I also love vegetable pakoras, any flavour of naan that doesn’t have lamb or something yucky in it,  palak paneer, malai koftka, panner (or chicken) tikka masala. Let’s not forget papadums and mango lassi.

Pad thai.

Tofu fritters – I’ve only ever seen them sold at the Chattabox in Bridgewater but we are in love.

Baked Lays – I’m always craving them lately.

Avocado – I can’t eat them. My mouth gets itchy and my chest hurts and I’m afraid of anaphylactic shock but oh my god I’m regularly sad about the fact that I can’t eat them anymore. Because I love them. On toast. In turkey sandwiches. In my guacamole. Alone.

Clam chowder – read about my favourite here.

Lobster – in butter. As a “salad”, grilled, boiled, plain. In my mouth, yes please.

Pumpkin soup with garam masala. My mom makes this in huge batches and I eat until it’s gone every time.

Berries – raspberries and strawberries, especially. Frozen. Fresh. In smoothies. On top of ice cream, heated in oatmeal, mixed into yogurt…

Mushrooms – stuffed, diced, grilled on pizza, in tomato sauce, alone with olive oil and garlic. I’ll try mushrooms in any form (uh probably except the ‘shroom form). Substitute a portabella for a burger or throw some in pasta. Lately my favourite is grilled with mozzarella cheese and basil, maybe some grilled onions, too. Panini-style. yum. yum.

What foods are you loving today?

The Days Are Lighter


Spring ahead, the days are lighter. Good things are going on in the land of Melanie Kristy. At least in the personal life department. I’m working on my goals for March, I’ll update when the month ends. It’s so much better now that the sun isn’t gone by the time I leave work every night. I can breathe easier. I’m working on a second blog, though I’m not going to completely publicize it like I do this one. I’ll link it once or twice, maybe, but it’s very personal. I write about stuff I don’t talk about a lot. The land of eating right and weight loss and health and all that crap. Okay, I talk about all of that stuff a lot. If you didn’t happen to know, I’m very passionate about nutrition and good health and eating right. You probably wouldn’t know unless we talked about it, though, because as much as I am an encyclopedia on what you should be eating, I am terribly far away from being a good example. And so I struggle. And so I write.

It’s late at night and I should either go to bed or pick a topic to focus on, but I’m deciding to just write right now and see what happens. I bought mango salsa tonight, it was amazing. I find myself wishing I had someone to cook for. I find recipes I want to try, foods I want to experience, but I want to share that experience with someone aside from myself. And possibly my mom.

I know I owe some people letters, but I am in search of pen pals, anyone who wants to exchange postcards, love letters or mix cds. Leave me comments and I’ll email you. I hope everyone is having a great almost spring!


Breakfast Woes


I’m almost twenty-six years old and somehow I have yet to manage finding the perfect breakfast. Seriously. When I worked closing shifts in past jobs, or when I was unemployed, I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast. When I was in high school and before I recall eating cereal (and being starving approximately ten minutes later).

This morning I mixed milk with a chocolate Weight Watchers shake mix. It tastes delicious, but the milk is making me feel sick (a random onset of lactose intolerance, anyone?). I tend to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for bagels with cream cheese, but admittingly that leads to me eating an entire muffin or donut soon after. And being hungry within a couple hours. (Because I’m eating all shit, I know that). I’ve tried eating only fruit. I’ve tried cereal (it was somewhat a success with Grapenuts, but my mom stopped buying them because I was eating them…? and also I need something I don’t have to eat at my house because I don’t always have time).

When I first got to Italy, I had fresh squeezed orange juice and yogurt in the mornings. It didn’t take long before I was eating pastries, though. My favourite were the ones with chocolate in the middle. When I was in Rome I ate cannolis for breakfast one morning (cannolis are harder to find in Northern Italy where I mostly stayed). It was delicious and satisfying. And for some reason I don’t recall being hungry an hour after.

The biggest problem I have with breakfasts is being hungry an hour or so later. And it’s not just that I feel like little hungry, it’s that all of a sudden I need another meal.

The only time I don’t feel that way is if I eat an egg sandwich (it has to be a sandwich, eggs on their own don’t do anything else). But really I’m not a huge fan of eggs. And eating them on bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts is a little too much.

For a while I was eating greek yogurt with nuts and sometimes chocolate chips. I seem to remember that doing the job, but I can’t seem to remember why I stopped eating it.

So on to trying something new tomorrow, though I have no idea what as of right now. Maybe some more yogurt. I love Chobani.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Bagged 10/14/2010

I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve even thought about bringing  a lunch to work. Some days I’ll stop and buy freezer meals (I love a few vegetarian Healthy Choice pastas and I also love Lean Cuisine or Smart One’s pizzas), other days I’ll pick something up at the grocery store and then there are the days that I eat out. Or I bring in left overs. Those are the days that I enjoy my lunch. Even typing that, I realize my thought process is completely out of whack. I’m working on that right now.

Yesterday I bought clam chowder and ate that in my car with part of a baguette. I spent the entire rest of the day feeling so sluggish and full that I ended up skipping my plans to write and going home to veg out and watch Parenthood and whatever else my mom wanted to watch.

Anyway, I brought a lunch today. And snacks. Healthy ones. I’m here for almost twelve hours, so I loaded up on fruits and vegetables. I don’t think I brought enough with me calorie-wise. I probably should have counted Weight Watchers points or something like that. Regardless, I feel like I’m starving right now. I’ve had a banana and “smoothie” that was more like chocolate milk made out of milk and a chocolate Weight Watchers smoothie packet. I absolutely love those things.

I’m about to eat some apples. I wish we had peanut butter because that would have been a great addition.

I also brought:
*cherry tomatoes from our garden
*half of a green pepper
*a cheese & mustard sandwich on rye bread
*some sort of “low calorie” Goldfish package — my mom’s buying
*a Vita Brownie. I had one of these last night with pumpkin butter and it was amazing. Too bad I didn’t think to bring pumpkin butter with me today…

What’d you bring / plan to eat for lunch today?


Saturday Seven October 02, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone! I really had the best intentions of writing  every day this week. In a way I did write, a little bit anyway, because I’ve been trying to free write in the mornings. So here’s seven great things about this past week:

* Book purging – this is actually really painful. I have piles of books on my floor that I’m telling myself I’m going to “get rid of” (Anyone want to look at the list? $5 for paperbacks and $7 for most hardcovers, including shipping…). I’ve been a little too lazy to actually list them on Amazon, and it hurts seeing all of my bookshelves a little more bare. But it’s for the best, I know.

* New books! Francesca Lia Block’s new book The Frenzy hasn’t reached my doorstep yet (though it was supposed to be delivered yesterday) but I can’t wait to read it.

* Girl With The Glass Feet –  Ali Shaw. I finished it. I cried. Oh books that make me cry… why do we even read this books, when we know they’re going to be sad? Next up, Geek Love.

* October! Yesterday was Shaylin’s birthday. October 1st marks a more real beginning of fall. It’s the 6th week mark to my birthday.

* Ordering Radish earrings from Etsy. Anyone guess who I’m going to be for Halloween?

* Dinner with my dad. It doesn’t happen often, and hey we ended up hanging out at the bar after with my brother and some other people they knew, but I had a good time.

* My friend Lorelle is starting a literary journal! I don’t want to give out all the details here, so I’ll do that in a post of its own. But let’s just say I’m really excited for her.

Bagged Part 2; An Update

Seriously, guys? I think it was last Monday that I announced my attempt to bring bagged lunches to work. The success rate of said adventure so far is about 34%. Out of the past two weeks I’ve brought my lunch three days. Actually I think I may have only eaten it two of those three days.

What, I ask you, is my problem? Some mornings I just can’t find the energy to think about lunch, other mornings (like this morning, I admit) I forget completely. Sometimes I just can’t see past all of the condiments and cartons of milk in my refridgerator to actually put together some sort of decent meal.

Though I must admit that on the days that I did eat in the back room, book in hand while I fished through a plastic Shaws’ bag, I did feel better during the rest of the day. I may have found myself starving (slight exaggeration) by the time 5:15pm hit but at least I didn’t suffer the last few hours of work sleepy and to full.

Next week is vacation, so I’m hoping to gain some sort of regularity in the way that I eat breakfast and lunch that hopefully I can carry with me into the work week.

<3. Melanie.Kristy