Nana Sprinkles: Quiet Boy

Nana Sprinkles: Quiet Boy


Weetzie Bat 2

Weetzie Bat 2

Fall Fashion

The title of this post may be a little misleading. I am no fashionita, and I’ve never claimed to be. I go through periods of time where I actually care what my ensambles look like, and some days I leave the house in yoga pants and a sweartshirt. (I ate dinner at a restaurant in this outfit two nights ago. It was classy). I can put together a cute outfit easily, just give me some money and direct me to a store. For some reason, though, the cuteness of the outfit dissolves especially when I need to make other outfits out of these clothes.
So it’s fall now. And I’m realizing more and more with the changing of the seasons that I don’t have any certain seasonal clothes (with the exception of jackets & coats & scarves and accessories). I don’t even have any winter shoes. At least, not anything I can wear to work. (And you’d think, living in New England, I’d be prepared for cold weather. In my defense, I used to wear sweatshirts to high school instead of jackets, I was in denial of the cold weather). So what have I been wearing the past two winters? Flats.
I plan on buying two new cardigans so I can wear them over my usual lacy camisols and t-shirts for work that I wear on a normal basis. When it’s warm out, I wear shrugs over anything with no sleeves. I hardly wear actual sweaters, and I feel like it’s a waste to buy most long sleeve shirts when I will only wear them for part of the year. (Not to mention, what if I get warm?) And. my work clothes are pretty much the same as my play clothes. Except that I’ll change into jeans. Or maybe the formally mentioned yoga pants. And I have a lot more non-work t-shirts.
Does your fall/ winter wardrobe look any different than the rest of the year? Are your work clothes used as your play clothes, too?

Curious Tuesday

Each Tuesday Gala Darling posts five questions to her readers to answer, this is my attempt to participate 🙂

1. What is your style direction for the upcoming season? Style? Ummm. I don’t really think about my style until I’m standing inside a clothing store wishing I had the funds to do so. I would really like to think more about this, but at the time it’s not a priority.

2. What is your favourite song right now? Hanson – Give A Little. It’s sensuous, upbeat and has a dirty double meaning 😉

3. What’s your best love advice? I’m the last person to give love advice, but if we lived in a perfect world I would say: believe in love and be willing to let your heart get broken.

4. Who is the most exciting person you’ve met recently? My cousin’s kid Natalie is full of life and adventure. She’s three years old and recently had me running all over my house playing with bubbles, chalk and silly bandz. My room is a mess and I told her that before letting her in and go figure about an hour later she goes up to my mom and says, “Want to see the messy room?”

5. Are you doing anything wonderful this week? What is it? I am partying with Olga on Saturday (between work shifts, that is). Hopefully I am seeing my best friend from childhood, Jen. And I’m also hoping to make it to yoga tomorrow night. All wonderful.