Melanie Kristy

What’s it like to live a magic-inspired life, seeking out whimsy and appreciating every moment? Hi! I’m Melanie Kristy, a twenty-something writer navigating the world of library school while searching for those moments I’m always talking about. Life is in the details, it’s about the perfect song on the radio, the novel that speaks to you, the days spend driving around with the windows down listening music and singing out loud sipping lavender lemonade and shooting blurry photographs as the world goes by. I want this blog to be a manifestation of that idea, what I call the Penny Day, while staying honest and real. Thanks for stopping by, I hope I see you around!




3 thoughts on “Melanie Kristy

    • I found open diary way back in late 1999 on I haven’t written there in quite a while. I don’t think it’s much better. I used it as a journal which you can also do on wordpress or any other blog site. I wouldn’t try to have a blog on open diary, though.

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