Things I Love Thursday


Sometimes the days go by so fast but once you’re at the other end of the week it seems like what happened over the weekend was forever ago.

On Saturday I was part of a beautiful wedding ceremony. A dear high school friend married her love. They’re in Aruba now and I’ve been respectfully singing The Beach Boys’ Kokomo all week long.

Here are some other things I love this week:

Star gazing from the bridge over the pond near Jenny’s Grist Mill in Plymouth

Finding inspiration for blog posts

Excitement over starting NaNoWriMo this year

Plans to explore libraries


Copious cups of tea

Festive Lush bath bombs and bubble bars

Forever ongoing Facebook chats

Solo Starbucks dates

Slowly introducing this new boy (what should I refer to him as, anyway? Anonymous nicknames are cuter than real names, I’ve decided) to people I know.

70 degree weather when the sun is shining

Walks / flat hikes through nature

Adagio Tea

What do you love today?





Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and other Festive Goodness

Have you guys noticed that it’s fall? I mean, we’re already a month in and I haven’t made 200 posts about my favorite season yet. Obviously I’m falling behind!

That being said, everything I was going to post about, I’ve pretty much already posted about last year. So without making this a cop-out post, I’ll write about the last scary movie I saw.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

I’m a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s work (Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage) so when I saw there was a new moving coming out that Del Toro wrote the screen play for (and also produced) I knew I had to see it right away. Unfortunately, it took me until this past weekend to see it, long after the movie was out of most theaters.

Sally has been sent to live with her father in Rhode Island in a house he’s remodeling with his interior design girlfriend. Sally thinks she’s just there for a visit, and when she learns she’s there to live, she becomes even more upset. She begins to feel she is unwanted. And then she starts to hear whispering of her name. The whispers tell her they want her to play with them. They lure her into the basement so she can free them.

Once Sally tries to befriend the source of the whispers she soon realizes their intentions aren’t pure.

I’m terrible at summarizing so I’m going to stop there. I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t terribly scary (to me at least) but it was haunting and enchanting and it definitely pulled me in. It’s something to watch that’s festive but not just a cheap thrills murder story.

Moving on, my greatest complaint about Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is the creatures they used. I hoped the movie would be more ghost/spirit based (though by the end of the movie I had less complaints about that factor because it does rework itself so that the creatures aren’t really random).

If you’re looking for suggestions for other Halloween movies (though none of them are really horror stories) here are the ones I can’t do without.

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Autumn Equinox


The leaves look like they’ve caught on fire, the air smells burnt and crisp, apple crisp is the flavour du jour and everywhere you look there are cranberry bogs in harvest. At least, that’s what it looks like in the town where I live in Massachusetts. The bogs they use for cranberry juice are flooded and suddenly the most brilliant shade of cranberry dots sides of the road. The farmers market is full of vendors selling off their vegetables and fruits, pumpkins begin to pile on doorsteps and customers start to wish they were apple picking. I absolutely adore fall. I love the colours, the scents and the temperature. I love the Holidays and the Holiday season leading up to Christmas. I love wearing sweatshirts and not being cold. I love drinking tea in the morning and watching the sun set quickly behind trees.

If I wanted, I could fill this entire blog with entries every day pertaining to Autumn. I could list every single movie I love to watch, food I love to eat and activity I love to do. And maybe I will do that, though not every day. When you love something you want to share it. And I want to share my love of Autumn. I feel like sometimes it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves; not many people get to experience the fall that I do where the leaves are so brilliant for a few weeks that it’s as if we’re illuminated in a different world.