Nine Things I’ve Learned in My 20’s

So a couple weeks ago I entered the last year of my twenties. I made a list of nine things I’ve learned in my 20’s (one for each year) and I meant to post it on my birthday, but things got in the way and I never typed it up. Turning 29 was kind of weird this year, but not weird in a bad way. I spent the entire day with my boyfriend, something I’d never done before on a birthday. I spent the morning alone at the beach even though it had snowed before I woke up. Last year on my birthday the temperature was 72 degrees and I drank iced coffee and watched the water. This year it was 32 degrees and I drank hot coffee and lamented the fact that I didn’t want to open my car window as I looked outside. I spent the rest of the day dragging J to a photo booth, not wanting to drive far enough to go to my favorite places (bookstores, Lush and Duck & Bunny). We wrote fiction in my living room then ate pizza at a restaurant that has two-for-one deals on Tuesdays. J made me red velvet cupcakes, the first cupcakes he’s probably ever made. It was super sweet and low key. I kept celebrating with dinners and lunches and friends after the actual day. Every day should be a celebration, really. Every day should be filled with friends and great food and love and acceptance.

Here are nine things I’ve learned in the past twenty years:

* If you aren’t sure if you like-like someone (that you are dating, might date, etc.) you don’t.

* Essentials include writing, good food, tea, movement, reading, music & creativity. Don’t sacrifice these. Also don’t sacrifice love, friendship or family.

* Invest in quality / natural food, shoes and body products

* make friends everywhere in every state and in other countries. use faraway friendships as vessels for travel, mental escapes and excuses to send and receive snail mail

* There’s someone out there who will defy what you’ve come to learn about dating and love and relationships. There may be many someones.

* “All we really have in life is the ability to help each other through the tough times” – Francesca Lia Block 11/7/13

* You will meet people you’ve never dreamed of meeting and go places you never thought you would go

* Happiness isn’t  goal to strive for but a state of mind to be in. Find joy in the small things and change what you don’t like

* life is made up of millions of tiny moments. These moments are beautiful, heartbreaking, fragile, intimate, daring and ordinary. It’s what you do with these moments that make up your own meaning of life.


*** bonus ***

have passion, don’t lose it. let it waver. let what you’re passionate about change. water your passion. let it fill you. if you think you might want to do something for the rest of your life – follow that dream. go back to school. join the circus. risk everything. take care of yourself. you are an adult and it’s no longer acceptable for you to rely on anyone else to take care of you. take care of other people. don’t let life pass you by. don’t follow trends just because. don’t sacrifice yourself. be amazing. open your heard. eat that cake.


Melanie Kristy


Things I Love Thursday


In an effort to stop and take inventory of my life, find time to appreciate the little things and share the overall love I have for life I am participating in Things I Love Thursday which was originally started by Gala Darling but remembered by lots of bloggers and readers.

I love
Touring libraries
& moon gazing
& deciding on classes to take next semester
& naps
& receiving mix CDs
& brainstorming for Christmas (already!)
& Halloween costumes I probably won’t need to wear
& finding and making alone time
& I’m going to have a sister! Technically two seeing as I’m inheriting my future sister-in-law’s sister
& looking up dog breeds on my phone
& Zines
& thinking
& breathing
& shopping online
& trips to Lush, especially when they have new product


What do you love today?

Bagged Part 2; An Update

Seriously, guys? I think it was last Monday that I announced my attempt to bring bagged lunches to work. The success rate of said adventure so far is about 34%. Out of the past two weeks I’ve brought my lunch three days. Actually I think I may have only eaten it two of those three days.

What, I ask you, is my problem? Some mornings I just can’t find the energy to think about lunch, other mornings (like this morning, I admit) I forget completely. Sometimes I just can’t see past all of the condiments and cartons of milk in my refridgerator to actually put together some sort of decent meal.

Though I must admit that on the days that I did eat in the back room, book in hand while I fished through a plastic Shaws’ bag, I did feel better during the rest of the day. I may have found myself starving (slight exaggeration) by the time 5:15pm hit but at least I didn’t suffer the last few hours of work sleepy and to full.

Next week is vacation, so I’m hoping to gain some sort of regularity in the way that I eat breakfast and lunch that hopefully I can carry with me into the work week.

<3. Melanie.Kristy


Do you ever feel like your psyche is playing tricks on you? Like you do things in order for you to have the excuse to do something else? If that doesn’t really make sense, allow me to explain: Sometimes I feel as if I’m legitimately addicted to things that seem like silly/ impossible things to be addicted to. For example, eating out for lunch whenever I’m at work. I find myself becoming way too lazy to make a lunch to bring with me, or on the days when I do bring one, I either find something wrong with said lunch, or I don’t know, I just plain don’t feel like eating it.

This has resulted in me spending a lot of extra money on my lunches, money I could be saving for a trip to Portugal or using to pay off the amount of student debt that looms over my head. This has also resulted in me hoarding a lot of extra calories that simply aren’t necessary. These calories have been either pushing my weight limit over the edge (as if it wasn’t already high enough) or just stalling my attempts to be and feel healthy.

So. Starting tomorrow (and I say tomorrow not only because I procrastinate but also because today was one of those days that I “forgot” about lunch, to say the least, and I don’t feel like eating a freezer meal) I plan on making this into an adventure. How so? I’m not really sure, but I’m working on that. Expect updates.

A couple obstacles I need to overcome (+ possible solutions):

* Feeling like the food I bring isn’t tasty enough (only bring the best food)
* Not wanting to spend my whole break in the breakroom (bring sandwiches or something I can eat while I drive elsewhere)
* Snack time is not chip and candy time (how did I even become this unhealthy? bring fruit!)
* Boredom does not equal snack time (fill that time with writing! – and not Spider Solitaire)

Does anyone else suffer from this inability to bring your own lunch? Can’t stop eating out? Have you conquered any of these obstacles and have some suggestions? Let me know!

<3. Melanie. Kristy