Things I Love

It’s so easy to let says slip by unnoticed. Then suddenly you’re in the middle of being 27 years old and you’re wondering what you’re doing. Or you’ve realized it’s the middle of March 2012 and you haven’t posted one single thing for this month in your blog. Or maybe you’re halfway down the block when you realize you didn’t bring what you needed or that you should have gone in the opposite direction. I feel like life is a lot like that. It’s a string of words on a necklace, it’s comprised of many tasks or events, it’s the amount of paychecks we can acquire over time. Life really isn’t that. But it’s easy to just let it slip by and become that. Mundane.

Then you meet someone and you wonder, why weren’t you really in my life sooner? Or you read a book that makes you cry the hardest tears. Or a movie goes in theaters that you are actually excited about even if it’s based off a book (aren’t they all nowadays?). Or you and some of your friends decide to start an online magazine and the debut date is creeping up so damn fast.

My point today was really that I haven’t done Things I Love Thursday in forever, and I haven’t posted about things I love in general, and this is something that’s important to me. It’s so easy to let the days slip by, the weeks move on to the next and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of the middle of… of what, really? You  may not even know. And you can’t remember quite how you got there. Or why you’re still there.

Taking the time to write about things that you love breaks up the time. It forces you to think, to appreciate. It’s a moment in time where you can’t have anything but love. At least, that’s what it’s like for me. And I’ve been missing that.

And so, here are some things I love today. This week. In March. Whatever.

Spur of the moment bus rides to New York City
Watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time in years
Receiving a package in the mail consisting of a zine I bought, some beautiful hair bows and other things I won in a blog giveaway (Thank you, Erica!)
Looking up at the stars in the middle of the night and feeling the weight of existence.
Buying a new purse
Microwaving frozen veggie Samosas (definitely not as good as the real thing, but good enough)
New sweet mint chapstick that tingles (by EOS)
Finding an amazing Photobooth app on my phone (It’s called Pocketbooth) then promptly using it all of the time.
A grey cardigan with sequins on it.
Pretending to be a tourist in Plymouth
Smelling like Paris Amour and Be Enchanted
clean sheets

What do you love today?


Things I Love Thursday



The Peach Keeper – Sarah Addison Allen. I want to write stories like hers. I really do.




The directing really sucked, but that was to be expected. At times I felt like I might have been watching a wanna-be Twilight movie. But I liked the story, I love Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman. So, overall I liked it. It just wasn’t a great movie.

Ninja sandwiches. I really wish I took a picture of this sushi concoction. But it was tasty either way.

Weekends. Since I stopped working my second job Saturday nights, I feel like I’ve been doing so much more on weekends, seeing more people, hanging out and having a good time. I definitely can’t complain.

New Moleskine colours. I saw these are Target a couple weeks ago. I’m crushing on them hardcore and I can’t wait to be finished with the ones I have right now so I can get them. They’re shades of my FAVOURITE colours, guys 🙂

There are many more things that I loved this week. Wearing a dress  ❤ throwing a shower ❤ making cupcakes ❤ promising a cupcake to someone in the undetermined future ❤ making mix cds ❤ listening to old songs ❤ reading Geneen Roth ❤ Yoga Journal ❤ being sugar high at work (though admittingly, I did not love how that physically made me feel) ❤ “Let’s write a musical… about mutants… drinking diet coke?” ❤ looking forward to the upcoming weekend ❤ the sun actually shining ❤ Karen got into grad school in Memphis ❤ a Christmas card that arrived three months late ❤ my bed is so very comfortable.

What did you love this week?

Things I Love Thursday


Crafted by Gala Darling herself, tilt is a love list and a way to remember the things that are great in your life weekly. I suggest making these lists whenever you can, really. And I love reading the comments people leave on Gala’s entries. What do you love today?

* bike riding – i pulled my bike out of the basement for the first time in years the other day

* joico hair products – even in this ridiculous humidity and heat, my hair feels so nice

* being on VACATION this week. I’ve been so productive, it’s been lovely

* Lush’s Buffy bar. It makes my skin feel so nice

* Falafels – I tried them for the first time (sandwich style) on Tuesday and they were yummy!

* learning the dance to Hanson’s Thinking ‘Bout Something using a tutorial on youtube

* my new “Vegetarian Sandwiches” cookbook and finding new ideas for lunch. YUM

❤ Melanie. Kristy