Things I Love


It’s not Thursday but I still love things. Yesterday I was tied up working on a huge paper about teen advocacy in public libraries. I love learning about this stuff, but papers are not my favorite, of course.

Also yesterday I booked a trip to Tulsa in May. I’ll be there for 46 hours, traveling for over fourteen all together but it will be worth it to see my friends and Hanson and Tulsa once more ❤

I love…
❤ April
❤ spring
❤ airports
❤ meeting internet friends (even if it's only for a few crazy hours)


❤ Boston
❤ Scrivener
❤ getting back into working on my novel

❤ Stuck In Love (& the soundtrack)
❤ sea salted chocolate
❤ salads with greens, goat cheese, berries/ craisins and nuts

❤ coconut … Oil, butter, foot cream, scented candles and of course just plain old coconuts
❤ seeking out new restaurants to try. Finding one called Fairy Cafe
<3blueberry / chocolate Burt's Bees

What do you love today??




Support Independent Authors

The publishing world is a different place than it was seven years ago when I was finishing college. I remember taking a writing class during my senior year and self publishing was a thing that was so frowned upon. It was a sure way to guarantee no publishers would actually want your future words. It was some costly task meant for people who weren’t good writers and wanted to waste their time.

The invention of ebooks has changed the publishing world. And now bloggers and internet entrepreneurs write novels and publish ebooks and do what they want with their words.

I discovered Ellie Di through clicking link a and then through a comment she posted on a Francesca Lia Block status. Ellie Di started a crowd funding campaign to take care of the nitty gritty details for her new upcoming independently published novel The Transmigration of Cora Riley, and I think you should help support her. Even though she’s reached her goal, Ellie has stretch goals to reach! Support independent authors because they do all the work themselves. And support Ellie Di because her writing voice is unique and fresh in a world full of mundane novels.

Inkchanger is Ellie Di’s first self published novel and Time & Again is her (brilliant and heartbreaking) project with Kyeli Smith.

Melanie Kristy

Do you have any favorite independent authors? Can you recommend any books for me to check out?

Saturday Seven


Some things I love today.

* making pumpkin whoopie pies with a cupcake pan
* Midnight in Paris

* my nail polish color Blue Slate
* discovering new blogs (Can You Stay for Dinner, &  Eat The Damn Cake)

* re-committing myself to writing in the mornings, doing word wars at night and brainstorming
requesting transcripts from the schools I attended so I can 1. know what my final GPA was and 2. apply to grad school
* reducing my to be read pile from 65 books to about 37 (not by reading them, mind you but I’m getting there). Now I can actually see all of the books that I have to read and they’re not hiding each other on the shelf.

What do you love today?

Confessions of a Serial Reader

Sometimes I finish one book and go right onto the next without hesitation or thought. Sometimes I stop a book in the middle so I can reread one that I love to pieces or discover love for a new book that I know I can’t wait to read. Sometimes I make lists of books I think everyone should read then I realize how my tastes in books is an acquired taste (sometimes). Sometimes I browse the Independent Reader section in hopes of gems I may have missed in my youth when I was not quite the avid reader. (Phantom Tollbooth, Ella Enchanted, I’m looking at you). Sometimes I go through all of my shelves and purge the books I know I won’t reread, I won’t lend out and I won’t miss, not really, at least no eventually. Sometimes I ache for a feeling, a recognition and I search out isles looking at titles, first pages and front covers. Sometimes I get unreasonably mad at characters and unhappy endings. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t read a certain book, only so I could read it again for the first time and feel the same wonder and excitement. Sometimes I read blogs by authors I adore just to feel close to them. Sometimes I search authors’ names on Amazon in search of books that have yet to come out. Sometimes I stand in the fiction section and imagine my name on a book just where my name would be. Sometimes I search for boys online solely based on their book preferences in their profiles. Sometimes I recognize potential friends by their ability to love a book I adore. Sometimes I sleep with books beneath my pillow, wishing their magic would seep into my dreams. Sometimes I browse the “summer reading” section for classics new and old. Sometimes I search for book loving blogs and blog loving books and blogs that write about books. Sometimes I blog about reading.

The Weird Sisters & A Lover’s Dictionary


Two Book Recs because I finished both of these today and they were totally worth my time, energy and money. I tend to buy books often, scooping them off the shelves of Borders and paying with coupons. Love it.

The Weird Sisters – Eleanor Brown

1. There are tons of Shakespeare references in here, but you don’t have to get them in order to enjoy the book. There are three main characters, their father likes to speak in quotes from Shakespeare .
2. The concept of coming back home. Being stuck in a small down. Wanting to escape for adventure. I can relate on many, many levels.
3. The POV was unique, it was in third person covering all three sisters yet at the same time referring to them as “we” and “us” but only in an overall general sense.
4. They all loved books. Come on, now. Why else wouldn’t I love that?
5. The writing style was simple but lyrical. It was very pretty to read.
6. Oh, and the book itself it pretty and shimmery.

A Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel – David Levithan

1. I like David Levithan, and I try to read anything he comes out with. He co-wrote Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist which is amazing as both a book and a movie.
2. Love is the general theme. We all know how much I love love.
3. Words! This entire story is broken into sections and evolve around words. It’s truly a collection of ways that words have been woven into the love in this story.
4. It’s a short and quick read, but it’s still funny and deep and honest. In the way that fiction can be honest.
5. ineffable, adj. These words will ultimately end up being the barest of reflections, devoid of the sensations words cannot convey. Trying to write about love is ultimately like trying to have a dictionary represent life. No matter how many words there are, there will never be enough.

Read any good books lately?


Things I Love Thursday


It’s my weekly love-list. Inspired by Gala Darling. Recognizing things you love is guaranteed to make you feel good.

♥ March
♥ My bridesmaids dress for Shaylin’s wedding.
♥ Convincing Kristen to try Zumba with me


♥ Autumn butternut and goat cheese pizza
♥ Adding movies to my Netflix queue
♥ New hair cut! (And my awesome hairdresser, Ashley who’s also my brother’s friend…)

♥ A four pound weight loss (even though it was mostly countering the gain from last week)
Lemony Flutter by Lush. It’s great on my feet. And lips. And cuticles.
♥ Texts in the AM hoping I’m having a great day
♥ Reading. (But this is always a given anyway…)
♥ The fact that it isn’t DARK outside when I leave work at 5:15


♥ Recommending books to people, it makes me so happy, especially since 90% of the books I read are Young Adult and that clearly isn’t everyones favourite.

What do you love today?
Melanie Kristy

Saturday Seven October 02, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone! I really had the best intentions of writing  every day this week. In a way I did write, a little bit anyway, because I’ve been trying to free write in the mornings. So here’s seven great things about this past week:

* Book purging – this is actually really painful. I have piles of books on my floor that I’m telling myself I’m going to “get rid of” (Anyone want to look at the list? $5 for paperbacks and $7 for most hardcovers, including shipping…). I’ve been a little too lazy to actually list them on Amazon, and it hurts seeing all of my bookshelves a little more bare. But it’s for the best, I know.

* New books! Francesca Lia Block’s new book The Frenzy hasn’t reached my doorstep yet (though it was supposed to be delivered yesterday) but I can’t wait to read it.

* Girl With The Glass Feet –  Ali Shaw. I finished it. I cried. Oh books that make me cry… why do we even read this books, when we know they’re going to be sad? Next up, Geek Love.

* October! Yesterday was Shaylin’s birthday. October 1st marks a more real beginning of fall. It’s the 6th week mark to my birthday.

* Ordering Radish earrings from Etsy. Anyone guess who I’m going to be for Halloween?

* Dinner with my dad. It doesn’t happen often, and hey we ended up hanging out at the bar after with my brother and some other people they knew, but I had a good time.

* My friend Lorelle is starting a literary journal! I don’t want to give out all the details here, so I’ll do that in a post of its own. But let’s just say I’m really excited for her.