Things I Love Thursday


A weekly love letter/ gratitude list. What do you love this week?

Spending time at the beach even if it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside and it snowed earlier that day
Gingerbread Man hot coffee from Marylous
Amazon packages in the mail
Extra time off
Birthdays (mine was this past Tuesday! When is yours?)
Cupcakes (my boyfriend who doesn’t bake made me some for my birthday. It was really sweet and they were super delicious)
Pot pie
Family dinners
Tea – especially Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals, it tastes so good, sweet without added sweeteners
Meeting Francesca Lia Block again. More on this coming soon!
Photo booths, even the crappy mall ones


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Happy birthday Lozenger! Did you text me? I have been through a couple of cellphones since I text you last so I wasn’t sure who text me whose number I didn’t save but I’m almost 100% certain it was YOU. Thank you! I hope you had a lovely day times a million. I was thinking about you but I didn’t get out of bed much so I am sorry I wasn’t in touch that day. Did you take pictures of your boyfriend’s cupcakes? Post!

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