Christmas 2013


This holiday season seems to be passing quicker than ever. I’m not finished with my shopping yet and while I know that’s not abnormal, it is for me. It just seems to be taking a bit longer to collect my thoughts and make myself go out and get what I need. J and I watched Frosty the other day and the night before we drove around and looked at lots of Christmas lights. This week we are decorating a gingerbread house and I hope to watch more Christmas movies. Today while I wrapped I listened to Hanson’s Snowed In album on loud, and I danced around while I searched my house for the items I needed to wrap.




Dying To Be Alive


Are you living a life worth writing about?

For many years I’ve contemplated the term “dying to be alive” as coined by a song I played on repeat over and over and over from the time it was released in 2000 until I graduated high school and still sometimes after that. Let’s not go through our lives without dying to be alive. I got it and I didn’t understand it. I forgot it and the song. I let it fester. I allowed it to breathe.

And here we are, thirteen years later and what? It’s still so relevant to me. More relevant at times because I wake up from seemingly comatose state where I realize: I am here. And where do I go from here?

In order to live a life worth writing about, you must be dying to be alive. You must search deep into yourself and pull out experiences that are meaningful along with be able to find meaning in the mundane aspects of life. You must be able to appreciate the beauty in folding laundry fresh out of the dryer while also being willing to do something outside of your house, your comfort zone, your ordinary life. Assuming content is a seven letter word to you.

If you are a blogger or a writer or a reader or a breather I tend to assume you want more out of life than falling into sync with the mundane.

I struggle with making routines for myself because I don’t want to fall into that ordinary daily grind. What I forget is that routines can be useful – and necessary – and yet they’re meant to be broken to the outside life.

It’s hard sometimes not to fall into the complacent trap but I’ll tell you right now that you’ll have a lot less to write about if you’re complacent. I know I do. It’s hard to get into the outside world, to break free and be.

Some things I do or have been doing that break me out of the daily grind are:
going to live shows, travelling to see friends for an extended weekend, trying new restaurants and new cuisines, taking dance classes and attending graduate school to earn a masters degree.

Sometimes this doesn’t seem like enough, and yet other times it really feels like too much. But it’s good to stop and take inventory occasionally along the way.

It’s summer right now and I feel like I’m not living to my summer potential. It’s the second week in July and I’ve swam once in a pool, on Saturday. I watched fire works once and dug my feet into the sand. I don’t have nearly enough bug bites (this isn’t true. I have too many. One is too many).

But I haven’t made a routine out of bike riding, mastered the art of perfect iced tea, bought an ice cream maker and made ice cream, gone strawberry picking, attended enough concerts, had enough laughs, spent the night in an air conditioned house marathoning movies, gone swimming in a pond, been sun burned (though that isn’t ideal either) or spent the time I want to on my novel (perhaps outside in the shade with some amazing iced tea).

Honestly, it’s been in the mid-late nineties or raining lately. It’s hard to do anything with that weather, especially since most houses – mine especially – don’t have central air. Time to hunker down in cinemas and claim corners of libraries and jump into the ocean no matter how cold.

How are you spending your summer?

Make Life Sweet


This is what life should be like:

Cute – may your days be filled with an adjective you adore. Tiny houses, energetic puppies, endless fiction, lasting love, cute interactions (or cute boys or cute girls, etc.)

Peanut butter frosting – may you stick with someone you adore (but not be permanently attached all of the time)

Cupcake – individual but room to adapt

Pumpkin – the essence of Autumn (okay, or any season you like)

Spice – excitement! Lust! Life! Emotion! Exclamation marks !!!

Whipped cream is the cherry on top, it’s the final puzzle piece, the sweetness that’s necessary in life.

What do you think life should be like?

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and other Festive Goodness

Have you guys noticed that it’s fall? I mean, we’re already a month in and I haven’t made 200 posts about my favorite season yet. Obviously I’m falling behind!

That being said, everything I was going to post about, I’ve pretty much already posted about last year. So without making this a cop-out post, I’ll write about the last scary movie I saw.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

I’m a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s work (Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage) so when I saw there was a new moving coming out that Del Toro wrote the screen play for (and also produced) I knew I had to see it right away. Unfortunately, it took me until this past weekend to see it, long after the movie was out of most theaters.

Sally has been sent to live with her father in Rhode Island in a house he’s remodeling with his interior design girlfriend. Sally thinks she’s just there for a visit, and when she learns she’s there to live, she becomes even more upset. She begins to feel she is unwanted. And then she starts to hear whispering of her name. The whispers tell her they want her to play with them. They lure her into the basement so she can free them.

Once Sally tries to befriend the source of the whispers she soon realizes their intentions aren’t pure.

I’m terrible at summarizing so I’m going to stop there. I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t terribly scary (to me at least) but it was haunting and enchanting and it definitely pulled me in. It’s something to watch that’s festive but not just a cheap thrills murder story.

Moving on, my greatest complaint about Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is the creatures they used. I hoped the movie would be more ghost/spirit based (though by the end of the movie I had less complaints about that factor because it does rework itself so that the creatures aren’t really random).

If you’re looking for suggestions for other Halloween movies (though none of them are really horror stories) here are the ones I can’t do without.

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Adventures of Luna Lovegood… Halloween Style

Last night I went to a Halloween party channeling Luna Lovegood, one of my absolutely favourite characters from Harry Potter. I love her because she’s strange and different. She stands out, which makes it so she doesn’t have many friends. But she’s loyal and kind. She’s adorable and spacey. In the Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, the movie, she cares more about her pudding than getting back her shoes.
And now for my interpretation. I was wearing radish earrings, but I’m not sure how visible they are in any of these pictures…