Support Independent Authors

The publishing world is a different place than it was seven years ago when I was finishing college. I remember taking a writing class during my senior year and self publishing was a thing that was so frowned upon. It was a sure way to guarantee no publishers would actually want your future words. It was some costly task meant for people who weren’t good writers and wanted to waste their time.

The invention of ebooks has changed the publishing world. And now bloggers and internet entrepreneurs write novels and publish ebooks and do what they want with their words.

I discovered Ellie Di through clicking link a and then through a comment she posted on a Francesca Lia Block status. Ellie Di started a crowd funding campaign to take care of the nitty gritty details for her new upcoming independently published novel The Transmigration of Cora Riley, and I think you should help support her. Even though she’s reached her goal, Ellie has stretch goals to reach! Support independent authors because they do all the work themselves. And support Ellie Di because her writing voice is unique and fresh in a world full of mundane novels.

Inkchanger is Ellie Di’s first self published novel and Time & Again is her (brilliant and heartbreaking) project with Kyeli Smith.

Melanie Kristy

Do you have any favorite independent authors? Can you recommend any books for me to check out?


Getting Back To Myself


You wake up some days and try to figure out where you went, where you’ve been. Recently I’ve been walking on jettys, breathing beach water, and walking through state reservations. I’ve also been buried in obligations, navigating graduate school and fitting in spending time with a new boyfriend. I’ve been forgetting fiction. I’ve been ignoring words. I’ve been catching up on connections while on the run. I hurt my feet somehow between dancing in flip flops and trying to wear fake arches in my shoes. Then this weekend sore and tired I realized I keep in moving from one thing to the next, anxious to be there and see people or eat food or whatever. I need to slow down. I started to flip through a zine anthology I purchased and it all felt familiar.

I remember the days in North Adams when I would scroll through message boards about DIY projects, tshirt surgery and zine making. I remember the words and the music, the movement. I remember the connection and the belief. The passion and moments.

Sometimes life happens and you feel like you might be waking up. I’ve been doing a lot of worrying about my health, worried I’m not eating well and then consoling myself with pizza and brownies. I’ve been doing a lot of non productive lounging (resting can be productive. Resting while refreshing Facebook is not) and thinking about things I could do instead of doing them. I’ve been zoning out but not in a meditative state. I’ve been complaining instead of talking, sighing instead of breathing, and making excuses.

I’m ready to get back go me.

I want to start a zine and make connections, drink tea and read. I want to be part of something bigger than myself. I want to open my heart for bigger adventures, take even more pictures and listen to more music. I want to create mixes on 8tracks, seek out art and words that make me feel alive.

I am alive and I am living.
There’s no reason to allow the days to pass without remembering that.


An Open Letter to Lena Dunham

I think you’re brilliant.
Or maybe something is missing.
Are your main female characters with unbrushed hair and questionable choices in men a statement about something?
Or a lack of something to say?

At first when I watched girls I could recognize myself a little in the mistakes of Hannah. I could see how some situations might bring you into something awkward and questionable. I still feel that small little piece of myself buried in my soul where I wonder am I good enough, maybe if this one guy thinks so then I am at least for him? I don’t brush my hair, but you can’t tell. It tangles in curls and when I brush it it becomes one giant mass of an ugly poufy wave.
Would you consider yourself feminist?
That word tastes like metal in my mouth, but I believe in equality. I believe in women.
The awkward sex and drugged up nights and friends sleeping with your ex boyfriend.
Is this supposed to be a tale of truth? Or a statement of unglamorized television?
I watched Tiny Furniture and I wanted to be the wearer of the giant shoes in the photographs. I also wanted to be small enough to curl up into the tiny fake furniture and cry about how i just don’t know anything any more. And sometimes I just don’t feel like keeping up with the laundry or taking out the trash either.
Life is like a giant quarter life crisis. What am I to do next?
Move on to mid-life
Discover something great
Create a diversion
Dare to write tales of truth and reality?
I think you’re brilliant
because you’re a creator, a writer, a producer, an actress
You’re a star on paid cable television
And you’re
Of course there are critics. And there are jealous twenty-somethings who think they can do better. But you’re the girl on television writing the script. You’re creating in a ways most people only dream of and it’s making an impact. People are talking.
You have a voice.
And you use it
just like every girl/ man/ person who writes in a blog, tweets, uses Facebook to share information about food politics and body language.
You have a voice that’s brilliant and a little bit off color maybe sometimes people are insulted & throw insults
Still it’s your body half naked on the television
a real woman, real body, real flesh.
And it’s feminist to present yourself as yourself, because you’re a woman.

But who cares about the term feminism, because that isn’t the point.
The point is the voice
the opinion
the words
the creation
the existence
the brilliance

xo.Melanie Kristy

Blurry Edges All Over

I’ve always had trouble focusing on anything, goals were hard to achieve, books were hard to finish, forget studying I spent most of my school years on a whim hoping to pass with good grades. After graduating from college sometimes it feels like I’ve lost all sense of direction. It’s like there is nothing to focus on except for getting through day to day things. This is possibly the worst way for me to live, because it makes it so that I am unable to imagine a larger picture. I begin to only focus on the lack of people in my life, the lack of money in my bank account and the lack of success I feel as if I’m achieving. After all, how am I supposed to be successful if I cannot decide what to focus on and where to head?

This blog is going to be a reflection of that, whether I intend for it to be, or not. It’s going to be a reflection of every aspect of me, and not just the positive side that I urged for. When I begin writing for an audience, I start to think: what am I going to say, what message is there to clear? What am I all about? Sometimes it feels like blog writers need to adhere to a specific code. It feels like I should pick one thing to write about and keep it simple. But that isn’t me. And in the long run it is myself who I am writing for.

I am writing to connect. With myself. With friends. With new people. I am writing to forge new paths while I wander along my own. I am writing so that words come out, to keep the thoughts flowing as only I can. I write because I am a writer, it doesn’t matter what for or why or who I want to read my words. It doesn’t matter that this blog brings in no money, or that it’s still in the beginning stages of fine tuning and world seeing. It does not matter that there is no real, hardcore theme to my ramblings. And I like it that way, because it is who I am, and this is me. Melanie Kristy.

What’s your blog about? Who are you writing for?