Photo Quest 2

So each week I’ll post five things that must be photographed. They might be objects or concepts, and you can do what you please with them.

The next week, I’ll post the last week’s Quest, my photographs and the new weeks challenge. Feel free to leave your photographs in the comments or in your blog and link it back here.

Last week’s quest:

* something blue

* something that represents Winter or February

* some sort of living plant/ greenness

* A guilty pleasure

* A fire hydrant

post your pictures here or link us to your blog where they’re posted!

Next week’s quest:

* foreign language
* a color that should be nail polish (& name it?)
* something you drink often
* the sky
* a bridge

Black Friday Love List

I am in need of things that remind me of happiness and love today. So I’m making a list of pictures to share with you all. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I made an awesome pumpkin pie. (I’m sure we all know how much I LOOOVE pumpkin).

All of these pictures are from We Heart It. I love that site, I only just started using it again. Have an account? Friend me!

Tell me or show me some of your favourite things!

It’s officially the Christmas season! I’m so excited!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!