The First Sunrise


For years I’ve been telling myself that I want to see the first sunrise of the new year. I want to get up way too early and venture toward the ocean and experience nature. And for years I’ve let this idea slowly slip away, because I wasn’t ready for it. Because I didn’t want to wake up early. Because it’s damn cold in January.

But this year, I did it.


I convinced my friend Heather to wake up way too early with me and meet me near the beach. I bundled up in two pairs of socks, a sweatshirt and wool coat, scarf, and gloves. I brought towels to sit on.

We were going to picnic there but decided to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches after our adventure. (I did, however, have an amazing Gingerbread Man coffee on the ride back to my house).


I wanted to do something that was different, though. I wanted to write everything down that I wanted to let go of and do something symbolic to let it go. So I bought pretty scrap book paper and some cut out things from Michaels. I brought Sharpie markers. We wrote our secrets on them, I listed the health issues, weight and habits I wanted to be rid of and then we took the cut outs and made confetti of our problems. We talked about how we wanted our new year to be, what we wanted to do different or strive for.


A lot of people think it’s cliche to make “resolutions” or goals for the new year. They think it’s dumb that people at parties are going to talk about all the things they’ll probably never do and make all these plans and ideas for things they’ll forget about tomorrow. But I think it’s important to take the time to think about change. I think that, even if you don’t actively follow through with these new plans, it’s good to think about them. Because you can’t improve on yourself or change anything unless you think about it first, right?


So when I got home I took out a piece of scrapbook paper and wrote all over it words for my new year. My WORD of the new year is PRESENT, as in BE MORE PRESENT. But I wrote lots of other words I want to incorporate into my life or hold onto. It’s basically an inspiration world cloud of insight and hopes and goodness. I’m going to pin it above my desk to look at daily.

photo (1)

I hope everyone is having a great day, no matter how they spent their New Years Eve (hungover? I went to bed at 9pm…) or Day 🙂

xo Melanie.Kristy







On Slowing Down


It’s December, already? How does this happen, anyway? How does time pass and all of a sudden you are here in this moment and you aren’t sure how you got here or why you’re here or what’s even going on. But it’s December, in 2012, the month that, according to the Mayans, the world is going to end.

Or the world as we know it.

That could mean we’ll be disconnected, battling a war on home grounds, without chocolate, the end of The Twinkie. It could mean natural disaster. It could not mean anything at all.

But if we take a second to think about it, trace the steps to how we got here in this very moment maybe, if the eternal light goes out on December 21st (or we lose someone or something or go through heart break or get sick or lose our jobs or become lost in the woods), maybe we can take a moment and inhale the pine and Christmas cookie scent, taste the peppermint lip gloss and sit in this moment.

& remember

Remember anything, really. Like those times when your biggest struggle was learning how to tie your shoes. The first concert you went to without adult supervision. What it’s like to graduate school with a degree. The last amazing meal you ate. The last time you really, truly laughed until your eyes watered (and then you laughed some more).

In reality I hate the busyness that comes with “growing up” and responsibility. I hate feeling stick with all these obligations because socially its become part of what’s “acceptable”. I’m going to school and working full time. I kind of hate it. But I don’t hate going to school. I don’t hate working.

And I really enjoy those free weekends full of Christmas lights, too much pizza, laughing until you cry and then ending the (too short) weekend with being immersed in beautiful, descriptive fiction.

But in the busy days its hard to remember what it’s like not to feel bush or stressed. It’s hard to remember what it’s like being five years old and riding a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. It’s that busyness that takes away. When we forget to breathe, we forget to acknowledge and we forget about the moment we are in or the times that we’ve already had.


Counting til The End Of Winter


My first official work day of 2012 was gunked up by my inability to get out of bed. I reset my alarm for an hour later — the actual time I would normally wake up — they lay in bed for a half hour awake and in the end didn’t get any writing done. I’ve decided that this will be my year for writing. So I am going to go ahead and get writing.

I am also here to tell you that there are only 77 days left until the first day of spring. This is an important count down to me and while I usually start it on January first each year, I missed a couple days. This could be because I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements so I am slightly less ridden with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or maybe because I’m coming back from a long weekend. Either way.

It’s practically spring already! I am saying this from a position where I’ve yet to bring my winter coat up from the basement, but I left my house heavily adorned in a beautiful scarf I received for Christmas. I choose my battles and in the battle against cold, I opt for scarves over coats. I like to hold on to that shred of hope that winter won’t really come for yet another day.

So what I come to you today with is reason that, unfortunately for us, winter is a necessary evil for this time of year. At least for those in the northern part of the hemisphere.

* Winter is necessary for Holidays to feel like Holidays. All of the songs sing about the cold, the snow and chestnuts roasting on an open fire (that open fire won’t be necessary in the summer!)
* Rebirth. The year is like a Pheonix. It needs to burn and die in order to come back again in the spring.
* It’s harder to appreciate the beautiful greens, luscious flowers and birds chirping in the Spring when you  haven’t gone without for four or five months.
* The bugs tend to die off in the cold.
* Snowy owls (like Hedwig!) wouldn’t exist.
* The cold weather makes hot chocolate taste better. This is a known fact, proclaimed by me.