Reaching Out This Holiday Season

If you do one thing for someone this Christmas, buy one present or spend your time doing anything festive, I suggest that you take the time/ few dollars/ thoughts to do something for someone else. I suggest you spend a half of a day volunteering at a homeless shelter, buying Tom’s Shoes  for yourself and all of your friends or dropping off some  home made goodies at your local soup kitchen. I’ve spent a lot of time already the past few weeks trying to think of what I can and what I should do for someone this holiday.

Last week I was reading Notes From The Frugal Trenches  in my Google Reader and came upon this  post. The post is about an organization called China Kidz  that helps “provide specialist children’s palliative care services for abandoned children and a community care service to families, aiming to support them and avoid the pressure to abandon their sick baby/child.” You can post a comment on the blog posts if you’re interested in helping out. Frugal Trenches will send out an email later this week to anyone interest in participating and Frugal Trenches will pair you with a child. Each child is in deperate need of sweaters and leggings to keep him or her warm and also maybe a toy or two.

I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to start off this season. Sure it may feel a little too early for Christmas, but it’ll be here quicker than you can imagine!

Please let me know if you are going to help out! 

This is not the last time you’ve heard from me about doing something for someone else. But it’s definitely one of the first times that I feel like I’m starting to really be active in doing something. Sure, I own TOMS, I took THE WALK  with Hanson a few times and I spent a week volunteering in Washington, DC during my freshman year of college. But of all the time I spend at my house, all the money I spend on things I do not need I know that I can do more for someone else.