Not so LCFH Anymore 

It’s 4pm on a Saturday and I’ve spent the entire day moping around and feeling bad for myself. This shit needs to stop. I spent $23 on a lunch that made my officially not so extremely low carb anymore (sushi, nom). I’ve been thinking about this for a week now, and I’m trying not to make myself feel bad about it. Now I’m drinking a coffee light Frappuccino and focusing on positive self talk.
I’m also using myfitnesspal to make sure I don’t unintentionally eat 3000 calories, or overload on carbohydrates. I did keto/ LCHF for six and a half weeks. In three weeks I lost weight, then I didn’t lose any after that. Weeks of adjusting my meals and obsessively reading about keto and stalls brought me to a breaking point. Sure, I might try LCHF again, I believe in it to an extend but it wasn’t bringing me what it promised: weight loss, energy, less appetite, satiation.
And medically I need to watch my carbs. That’s one truth I can’t ignore. I can see it in the blood work. So going forward I’m still stumbling but I’m not giving up. I’m searching for balance that works for me.
So what are you doing about your health?