Fall Fashion

The title of this post may be a little misleading. I am no fashionita, and I’ve never claimed to be. I go through periods of time where I actually care what my ensambles look like, and some days I leave the house in yoga pants and a sweartshirt. (I ate dinner at a restaurant in this outfit two nights ago. It was classy). I can put together a cute outfit easily, just give me some money and direct me to a store. For some reason, though, the cuteness of the outfit dissolves especially when I need to make other outfits out of these clothes.
So it’s fall now. And I’m realizing more and more with the changing of the seasons that I don’t have any certain seasonal clothes (with the exception of jackets & coats & scarves and accessories). I don’t even have any winter shoes. At least, not anything I can wear to work. (And you’d think, living in New England, I’d be prepared for cold weather. In my defense, I used to wear sweatshirts to high school instead of jackets, I was in denial of the cold weather). So what have I been wearing the past two winters? Flats.
I plan on buying two new cardigans so I can wear them over my usual lacy camisols and t-shirts for work that I wear on a normal basis. When it’s warm out, I wear shrugs over anything with no sleeves. I hardly wear actual sweaters, and I feel like it’s a waste to buy most long sleeve shirts when I will only wear them for part of the year. (Not to mention, what if I get warm?) And. my work clothes are pretty much the same as my play clothes. Except that I’ll change into jeans. Or maybe the formally mentioned yoga pants. And I have a lot more non-work t-shirts.
Does your fall/ winter wardrobe look any different than the rest of the year? Are your work clothes used as your play clothes, too?