Book Tube

A few months back I discovered Catriona’s Little Book Owl YouTube page. I can’t even remember why, as I’ve never been an avid YouTube watcher. Since watching Little Book Owl posts about book love and many other dorky bookish things, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of other bookish videos and discovered a whole community that’s called “Book Tube” where people talk about (and okay, fangirl over) books they love. Most of these books are YA, however it’s possible that’s only because I haven’t branched out. Anyway, after much contemplation I have decided to start my own channel. I have a lot of love to share about books, and I know that my channel is going to be a little different from most of the Book Tubers that I watch. I’m a bit older than most of them, and while our tastes overlap I have many other great book loves. I’d love for you to join me on this journey, I’ll be posting videos through the blog as I upload them. I’ve never really used Quicktime to edit or make videos, so this is a learning experience.

Let me know what you think!

Melanie Kristy


2 thoughts on “Book Tube

  1. HEY BEAUTIFUL LADY I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT’S THE FIRST TIME I EVER HEARD YOUR VOICE. I’ve known you for over ten years and I have to say it’s strange to hear you for the first time, kind of surreal if you will. You are beautiful and I will enjoy your videos as you post them as I am now (dun dun dunnnn) SUBSCRIBED.

    DID YOU KNOW that I have read some FLB books? Actually I think I read all of the Dangerous Angel books but not so sure about the prequel. I don’t remember anyway.

    • Ha! Isn’t my video weird? It’s strange looking at myself talking, you know? That’s funny that you’ve never heard my voice before! I’m surprised we hadn’t talked on the phone or something way back when but maybe you still lived in Canada while I was all about the phone calls. Thanks for being m y first/ only subscriber

      I remember that you told me you read Dangerous Angels and Violet and Claire!!!

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