What I Packed

Im flying to Portland tomorrow then taking a train on Wednesday to Seattle. I tried really hard to get away with packing all this in my carryon suitcase because I get nervous about losing luggage during short layovers, and it almost all fit but the zipper broke and I think I’m just upgrading to my larger bag. I have to take my cpap as my personal item so I tend to pack a purse and rearrange after I get on the other side of security. I don’t really mind not lugging that bag through the airport though. This is basically all I’ve packed, plus three pairs of pants and a sweatshirt unseen.









2 thoughts on “What I Packed

  1. I love the bag in the second to last picture, how pretty and springy. What brings you to the Oregon/Washington area? So jealous- it’s where I want to live some day. (Salem, OR.)

  2. Hope you enjoy the Pacific Northwest, Melanie! Have a lovely weekend. (Also, I hope you avoid any snow… it’s snowing in Vancouver this whole weekend!)

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