Counting Down Until Spring


I’m not a winter person. I tend to double up on vitamin d and want to hibernate. I’m extra tired and oh so cold, constantly. The darkness takes over my days. There’s something about waking up in darkness and working and it being dark or almost dark when I get out of work that drives me a little insane. Spring doesn’t even really start for us in Massachusetts at the equinox, but at least once we cross over there’s less chance of all these storms and snow and darkness.

I am excited for:
April showers
Walks after work
Not wearing a jacket
My car free of salt
Opening a window and feeling a breeze
Day trips

Oh & maybe I’ll start dating again once this winter season is behind me.

What are your favorite parts of spring?


2 thoughts on “Counting Down Until Spring

  1. Ow much vitamin D do you take daily? I’m on 5000 i.u. due to a severe deficiency that goes hand in hand with Crohn’s, but I’m curious how much “normies” take of D during the winter.

    I am right there with you when it comes to the lethargy

    I’m excited for all the same things as you except maybe the April showers, I hate walking my dogs in the rain (well really my dogs hate walking in the rain more than I hate bringing them). Also I am not looking forward to it being tornado season either, blech. But it will be worth it to be out of this ugly winter funk that destroys my soul.

    • i take 4000iu. I’m not sure what the norm is because most people do not take vit d supplements unless their dr has tested them and they’re deficient. i’ve never been tested but considering most people in the US are deficient and overweight people are more likely to be deficient i just take the 40000 iu. i honestly dont think it makes me feel any different. the RDA is 600, but Ive read that’s a little low. this year has been the worst for me as far as seasonal depression goes. it started much earlier than it usually does and hit really hard after a break up and the loss of two family members. i can’t stand this cold. can’t stand it. i keep thinking about buying a sunlight type thing, or one of those alarms that are supposed to wake you with “natural” light. blah. winter sucks.

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