2014. I can & I will.


It’s taken me an entire month to recover from my end of December enough to be able to see 2014 as a blank canvas full of possibility. I don’t make resolutions but I’m always making lists and plans. And I enjoy being ambitious (until I get too ambitious and overwhelmed).

So I’ve decided a couple things about my upcoming year. I’ve decided 2014 actually starts on February 1st for me this year. January has just been a time of limbo.

This year is the last year I’ll be in my twenties. It’s my year for total self love. I’m going to actively incorporate things I love into my life. That means drinking more tea, seeking out more music and settling down to finish my novel. It means I may not participate in conversations I just don’t feel like participating in. And I won’t feel guilty about doing what I want to do.

At the same time I’m trying to break free from many habits that may have previously been confused as acts of self love. Compulsion and buying too many things when I have enough already.

2014 will be an experiment in manifestation and practicing abundance. It will be a transformation in many different ways.

For this blog expect more. For a while I wanted to streamline the content here and focus it somewhere, but the more and more I just didn’t, the more I realized I want to keep this a personal blog. Expect more writing, more book reviews and library school talk. There will be more posts where I just share a song and posts where I discuss love and self love. More posts with just pictures or quotes, lists about things I love or things you should check out. And more discussion on this other journey I’m taking on – for the last time. My travels toward health and weight loss. I have a huge goal for myself this year, I won’t disclose it quite yet. But it’s big. And I plan on writing about it.

2014 is the year of I Can. And I Will.

Melanie Kristy


3 thoughts on “2014. I can & I will.

  1. Hi Melanie! Thanks for writing this. It really resonates with me. I like your commitment to selecting activities and practices that make you fulfilled. Good luck with your goals and happy new year 🙂

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