An unintentional ode to Starbucks


My favorite drink used to be the Pumpkin Spice Latte but this winter ice been drinking the Salted Caramel Mochas. I have this romantic idea of Starbucks. I love going there and sitting and writing for hours. I love the cake pops and over priced bento box style meals. Ive had pseudo dates there and writing dates there and a lot of solo dates with my book or my journal. When Borders closed Starbucks took the place of then time I spent in the Borders Cafe. While I would love to frequent local coffee shops, they tend to close around the same time I get out of work, and since Starbucks is open until 9pm I have a coffee shop with wifi available to me.


So Erica and is giving away a $15 gift card and everyone should enter to win. Erica is a good blogging friend of mine, and a sweet pen pal. We have been internet friends for many years. If you stop by her blog, tell her I sent you 🙂


What’s your favorite coffee shop? And drink?





3 thoughts on “An unintentional ode to Starbucks

  1. I gotta say the cheese, apples and almonds in the picture look so tasty. Yum! We have been friends for longer than I’ve been with my husband (10 years) how amazing is that! Thank you for being my friend and you too, my dear, are an amazing penal. *giggles & blames auto correct*

    Pft I don’t really like coffee or coffee shops I’ve never got into that whole scene. My favorite place for reading and writing with WiFi is right outside my home during the late spring and early autumn weather.

  2. At Starbucks, my go to is either a grande vanilla rooibos tea latte with vanilla syrup instead of classic or a grande chai. BUT my favorite coffee shop is a place right down the street from me called Good Karma and they make me a spicy ginger chai that is delicious. I could also sit there for hours. There’s probably a blog post in the works about it actually, thanks for the inspiration 😉

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