Things Boys Have Said About My Blog


I very rarely share my blog information with dates or potential dates. I can be a little vulnerable in here and why would I want to allow someone I don’t yet trust to know all of these things about me? That being said there are a few who I’ve wanted to share my words with, and I thought it might be interesting to reflect here.

It doesn’t matter to you who said what, or why. So they aren’t in any certain order.

“You have a big online presence and it’s intimidating” this made me laugh because I think he imagined much more of my blog, especially because I have a Facebook page for it.

“If you spoke with half the peace of mind as you do in your blog, you wouldn’t have these problems connecting to people.” While he’s totally right here, I was blown away by this comment. It also shows something about me and the way I an comfortable with being vulnerable. It’s easier to do that in words in a removed place.

“I just decided to start my diet five minutes ago then I open the page to these [cupcakes].”

There have been other things, a few at least but I can’t remember.

Do you ever let someone you’re dating read your blog? What do they think or say?

Melanie Kristy


4 thoughts on “Things Boys Have Said About My Blog

  1. My ex would get offended by the things I wrote, my fiance is working on starting his own and he loves to read mine. It depends on the personality of the guy. It’s a true test when I’m looking for a man. I always want to find someone who isn’t going to be condescending or think it’s cute that I am an active member of any online community and that I blog. I want one that goes, “That’s amazing! What can I do to be a part of it?”

    • Yes, Lorelle! I totally agree. I want a man who thinks my blogging and writing is an awesome part of me, not some cutesy anything and definitely not something that isn’t to be taken at least a little seriously.

  2. The most recent boy (has been around for about 2 months?) has decided that he doesn’t want to read the blog because he wants me to choose what I can tell him and not be able to hear anything without the words coming from my lips. While I tried to explain that a) that’s what my blog is for, and b) my voice can pretty much be heard in any of my writing, he has insisted on not reading it – fine by me, more to talk about during the day. In general though, I tried not to mention my blog to boys I just met because I didn’t need them knowing that much about me upfront. (Random story: I had a friend who introduced me to her son and she sent him my “things I believe in” post, which sounds like an awesome start – but the last thing on the list is dfefinitely “I believe in sleeping with teddy bears” – ehhhh, that’s alright.

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