Week 2: foodie

There’s a new theme up at the Kindred Collective and I picked it this time 🙂

The Kindred Collective



Oh baby. I am always so excited to photograph delicious meals and gush about new favorite restaurants that when I dated a picky eater for three months I was surprised by how much I missed the excitement of tasting new flavor combinations. I filled up on pizza and love instead (and it was a whole different kind of satisfying). Now I have more free time for restaurant adventures, experiments in cooking and instagramming my meals. I’m even thinking about starting a mason jar herb garden this year. Why not, really? So tell me about your favorite cuisines, why you are afraid to try any food that’s write and creamy, vinegary, etc. I want photos and recipes, restaurant reviews, poems about love affairs with food. Anything!

tastefully yours,

Melanie Kristy

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One thought on “Week 2: foodie

  1. I’m a bit of a picky eater, I admit, and since being diagnosed with Crohn’s I have to be extra picky and in different ways. But I do like trying lots of new things I just don’t often like them… haha. (You just Tweeted me something while I was writing this comment, awesome.)

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