Five Places to Write Your Novel

I’ve been bouncing around places with wifi, having writing dates with my boyfriend just so we can get our words in and still do something together. It gets distracting to write at home sometimes so here are a few alternatives:

– the standard, a coffee shop. A place like Panera Bread has unlimited coffee and some place like Starbucks (or a local equivalent) has fancy seasonal flavors. There’s a lack of local coffee shops around me, unfortunately. And they all tend to close when I get out of work.

– your local library. This is a genius idea that I strangely never tried until this past weekend when Panera was packed full of families eating lunch and there were no space tables at Starbucks

– nature. Go to the beach, find a bench in the woods. Be old fashioned and use a pen and paper.

– public transportation, especially airplanes (and airports) and trains, sometimes there’s even wifi and outlets. I’m fascinated with sitting and people watching in these types of places.

– desperate? Try the mall or
McDonald’s to get a wifi fix. I feel like it might be kind of strange munching on fries and sitting in McDonald’s as if it’s a cafe but who cares! This is your writing adventure.

Where are your favorite places to write?

Melanie Kristy


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