Support Independent Authors

The publishing world is a different place than it was seven years ago when I was finishing college. I remember taking a writing class during my senior year and self publishing was a thing that was so frowned upon. It was a sure way to guarantee no publishers would actually want your future words. It was some costly task meant for people who weren’t good writers and wanted to waste their time.

The invention of ebooks has changed the publishing world. And now bloggers and internet entrepreneurs write novels and publish ebooks and do what they want with their words.

I discovered Ellie Di through clicking link a and then through a comment she posted on a Francesca Lia Block status. Ellie Di started a crowd funding campaign to take care of the nitty gritty details for her new upcoming independently published novel The Transmigration of Cora Riley, and I think you should help support her. Even though she’s reached her goal, Ellie has stretch goals to reach! Support independent authors because they do all the work themselves. And support Ellie Di because her writing voice is unique and fresh in a world full of mundane novels.

Inkchanger is Ellie Di’s first self published novel and Time & Again is her (brilliant and heartbreaking) project with Kyeli Smith.

Melanie Kristy

Do you have any favorite independent authors? Can you recommend any books for me to check out?


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