Livin’ In The Moment : bubble baths


Stop and smell the roses, take deep breaths, open your eyes and just see.

It’s so easy to get caught up in whirlwinds, living from task to task as you check items off your to do list. It’s so easy to be busy.

Instead why don’t you turn off your phone and take a bubble bath? The warm water is soothing, the bubbles are playful and it gives you a few moments to lay back and really pay attention.

Since I started buying bath stuff at Lush I’ve been slightly obsessed. Sure it’s a tiny hassle to use lots of hot water and soak in it instead of texting or talking to someone or doing home working, but it’s the hassle I need sometimes to nestle back into myself and really quiet down.

You don’t need expensive bubble bars to take an amazing bath, however.

All you need is bubble mix and hot water. To enhance it throw in some essential oils or Epsom salts. Epsom salts are really good for you because they have magnesium in them and your
Body soaks it up. Magnesium helps you relax as well.



What are your favorite bubble bath components?


5 thoughts on “Livin’ In The Moment : bubble baths

  1. I read a book sometime in junior high where the main character’s favorite thing to do was sit in a hot bath, read a book and eat chocolates. That stuck with me and I emulated it many times…so I’d have to say my favorite bubble bath component is just that: words and chocolate.<3

  2. My only concerns about bubblebath is that it smells super sweet and that it foams up a lot. Otherwise I don’t care. I’ve never used epsom salt before.

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