2013 Autumn


It’s finally fall in Massachusetts, and I’m loving every second. I’ve traded pumpkin spice lattes for salted caramel mochas, not wasted an opportunity to take pictures of cranberry bogs, and tried to find balance with homework and everything else (spoiler alert: I haven’t found balance but I’m okay with it most days). This is my favorite time of year and this year it’s even better. Next weekend I’m in a wedding for one of my high school friends, that’s been so much fun. The leaves are turning slowly, but that’s how it works until all of a sudden they’re all changed and ready to wilt. I feel like fall is just starting. I need to eat more apples and bake with pumpkin and think about scary movies, but sometimes it’s hard to slow down and do that. You get all caught up in life and it flies. Back in August I started talking to someone new and a couple weeks ago I met him. I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s only been two weeks (it feels like a lot longer) and he might just be reading this right now. I’m pretty content though, happy actually. All these feelings are pretty new.

Tell me about your fall ❤



2 thoughts on “2013 Autumn

  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year, too, at least until spring. Then when summer rolls around, it is my favorite time of year. Never winter though, no, never winter. Winter brings the harsh cold and daunting depression and no. No, I hate winter.

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