How To Not Be Grumpy About Being a Grown Up





Sometimes the responsibilities that come with an adult make me a little grumpy. I mean, why must have have to work both weekend days (along with every week day) and do an assignment for my research method class?

Well it’s because I want experience in a library and I want to earn a degree and I want to stay at my job for as long as I can.

But I want to have fun, too!

So yesterday I was grumpy and it was a beautiful day, so when I left work at 1pm I knew where I was headed: to the ocean.

I drank a latte and sat in the sand and took pictures and breathed in fresh sea water and was grateful.

I was grateful for my toes that I could wiggle in the sand, for the music that carries me there in the car I drive, for the beautiful start to autumn, for soy milk making it possible to drink lattes from Starbucks, for my eyes that let me see as I took pictures.

I think nature might be the cure for everything. That and gratitude.



One thought on “How To Not Be Grumpy About Being a Grown Up

  1. It’s true that nature and gratitude can bring you far in life. Unfortunately I have difficulties remembering to always be grateful and often I can become bitter at the drop of a hat. It stinks, but I’m working on it.

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