Go Home Red Sox Fans, You’re Drunk

Image-1From what I’ve gathered from my out of state friends, Massachusetts residents are full over zealous, negative sports fans. We have so much pride for our teams that even those of us who don’t care about sports have pride for the team. We are the fans with Yankees Suck T-shirts and anti Colts memorabilia. Instead of just supporting our teams, we go out of our way to put everyone else down about theirs.

So really no one should be surprised when Red Sox fans left Fenway following a win to a bunch of twenty-something year old women, girls, and a few men lined along the sidewalk in front of the House of Blues and constantly and incessantly insulted everyone, making fun as they walked by as if their renditions of Mmmbop were creative, unique insults. We shouldn’t have been surprised by the amount of people who asked what we were waiting for, pretending we were lined up for Justin Bieber. And I really shouldn’t have been surprised by my friends Miranda and Jenny from Houston and Indiana who didn’t want to come back to Massachusetts because of how incessantly rude people are here. I just thought it was a normal thing.

A few people’s during the two hours we waiting for the members of our favorite band to come out and take pictures with us and offer autographs to well over a hundred people waiting (do your sports players do that for you?) replies “Lady GaGa” and “your mom” to the response “what are you waiting for?” We wanted to snap before the questions were asked.

We are so used to being made fun of. When your favorite band is Hanson, you have heard all of the insults. You’ve defended your band, you’ve played songs for people without letting them know what they were listening to, you’ve pointed out that those long haired boys actually aged along with us, and you are tired.

You’re tired of the insults, the bad reputation and the immaturity. And when hundreds of Red Sox fans come out and do the same for two hours, you’re ready to go home. I didn’t even want to be in Massachusetts anymore.

We won’t back down to the insults. We won’t give in to being made fun of because after sixteen years we are used to it.

But just for a minute think about the amount of years that you cheered for a losing team. Remember the pride you had in your team because you believed in them when no one else did. Think about what the difference is between loving a losing team and loving a band with a reputation for being a long haired teeny bopper boy band sixteen years ago, when your team was still a losing team.

Just think about it.

And go home because we are sick of your shit.







Also, to read Miranda’s version of the evening, check it out here: Are You Listening? (An open letter to music fans)


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