Dangerous Angels Book Club: Missing Angel Juan


So my fall semester of grad school started this past Wednesday, about two- three weeks earlier than I expected. When I looked it up a week before, I kind of freaked out and lost track of everything. So I fell behind on reading and making and blogging and writing. I’m still trying to get back into the rhythm of things.

Missing Angel Juan is my favorite story in the Dangerous Angels books. I love the sadness and the longing, I love the ghost story and the photographs and the wandering around NYC. I love the findings and the letting go.


In the story, Angel Juan leaves Witch Baby to find herself. He goes to NYC and she only hears from him through one postcard but she spends the rest of the story in NYC looking for him. She stays at her late almost grandpa Charlie Bat’s apartment and spends the days with his ghost. She writes post cards she cannot send and buys one from a vendor that turns out to be a postcard from Angel Juan that never made it to Witch Baby. The use of postcards and indent letters inspired me to use this format to share some bits about Missing Angel Juan.








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