13 Things to do in Summer 2013


Ah, it’s finally here. The bugs are out, the sun is burning and we are where we always are on June 21st, the longest day of the year. We have the facade of a fresh start, juicy fruit to snack on and lively animal noises. Everyone is enjoying it, most of the time. But at the same time, we still have those days we’re stuck in our jobs wishing summer vacation still existed for everyone, everywhere. To avoid getting into a rut this year, try thinking up some awesome things to try out and make your summer tasty! Here are 13 suggestions to get you going.

Go to a food truck festival

Seek out a water slide and use it frequently

Master the art of iced tea, particularly sun tea. Drink it daily

Take a day trip somewhere you haven’t spent a lot of time at before

Go to a faire/ carnival and take lots of black and white photos

Rent (or buy??) a bicycle and ride around new towns

Have a picnic. Bring lots of cheese, sun tea and Kentucky Derby style hats

Watch meteor showers and/or the sun set/ rise

Make your own sorbet/ ice cream/ popsicles

Have a television show or movie marathon party and serve food related to what you’re watching

Escape to the library to cool off, check out more books than you can carry and learn something new.

Go berry picking

Host a Christmas in July Yankee Swap with regifted items or things found around the house. Don’t forget to drink frozen hot chocolate and make apple pie ice cream

What are your ideas for summer?



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