The Inbetweens

I’m sitting in the Detroit airport during a two and a half hour layover between Memphis and home. I just feel relaxed and calm here catching up on blogs, using up all my free wifi (30 minutes, really?) and possibly having spotted Chris Kattan (or his doppelgänger but he looked and sounded just like him).

This morning I wanted to be at the airport around 9am despite Karen insisting that I’d be okay strolling in at 10 for a 1030 flight. The airport in Memphis isn’t very busy. I didn’t wait in line at security, I just walked right through and managed to have a conversation about Hanson (sparked by my tattoo) in a relaxed few moments before locating my gate.

There’s something about airports that I love. A mix of nostalgia, excitement and missing someone, airports never disappoint in this feeling. I love watching people, observing how they dress and wandering through overpriced shops to look at souvenirs, magazines and trail mixes. This morning I bought myself a Memphis Tshirt.

But really I like the suspended moments when I am between places waiting but not bored, watching my surroundings. My favorite time of day is the in between – Twilight – just before dusk. My favorite time of night is after the moments that everyone else is asleep and its quiet, my mind is racing with ideas.

These moments in between other bigger moments tend to be the boring times while we wait and wonder. They are the clusters of minutes before an oven timer goes off, the finally minutes of lunch hour.

If you think about it we are always in between something which means we are always in some sort of moment, some space of time before another undoubtedly happens.




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