Bubble Baths


Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with taking bubble baths. I’m a water sign and I could sit in the tub doing nothing except being in water for hours. I hadn’t been taking baths because my tub is teeny and I feel large, because it uses up the hot water, because our drain doesn’t really block well.

I got over it. I take baths late at night or when no one is home (to use the hot water). And I bought a drain cover.

So now I’ve been taking what I have been called $10 Fancy baths. I’ve been experimenting with all of the different bath products at Lush. I can’t quite get enough. Last night my bath bomb (Henata, an Easter special that’s yellow and orange and – you guessed it – shaped like a hen) had flower petals in the middle. Sometimes they’re glittery. They always smell good. Alway








3 thoughts on “Bubble Baths

  1. I love bubble baths. Especially since I’ve been having so much tummy pain, it feels really good to soak in the hottest water I can get. I just use cheap bubble bath though, I can’t afford dem fancy bath balms. But that’s okay, I think if I had one I wouldn’t even want to use it, I’d just want to keep it because they’re so pretty and they smell so nice. ^.^

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