In Silence and Stillness


Right now I’m sitting in the young adult section of the library staring in vague directions. I tried reading a short steam punk story but I couldn’t focus. I have work to do, my netbook is sitting anxiously in my car while not snows outside on the second day of spring. I don’t come here often but I should. I used to and then I started buying books and yet I want to be a librarian. I could have brought my netbook in and decided to work on a strategic plan, but instead I’m sitting here staring blankly around. Occasionally I listen to the conversation in other parts of the library. I think about what it would be like to work in a library, surrounded by books and information and people who love those things. I think, I should have brought a notebook inside with me. This quietness is filling in a arrange way. There are so many less distractions than at my house. I tend to go to restaurants or coffee shops with wifi but the focus turns into primarily about food and drink. Right now I’m hungry and full. I need to drink and nap. My mouth is dry and my head aches. But I’m sitting in quiet surrounded by books and possibilities.

And right now that’s all I need.

Melanie Kristy


3 thoughts on “In Silence and Stillness

  1. I like this! I’m always surprised at how dynamic and busy public libraries are — more like cafes than the silent spaces they used to be. I hope you find the balances you want.

    • Thank you! People tend to think that libraries are going by the wayside but the people who use them don’t think that. My library isn’t particularly busy as it’s in a small down but it has just the right amount of people and conversations to overhear that makes a person feel like they’re part of something alive.

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