Flash fiction on the idea of ancient. I wrote it for The Kindred Collective a couple weeks ago.

The Kindred Collective

this came to me while I was in the shower, stretching and watching my legs disappear into green water that was filled with Lush’s Geophyzz and I wrote it during a word wars. My friend called it “intense” and my response was “I can never write something my parents can read”.

“What does Ancient mean?” Eve asked her first grade teacher. She heard the word one night from the lips of her mother who was whispering to her dad about some gray hairs between her legs. Ancient is how her mother felt.

Because Miss Honeyton believed in the thoughts and opinions of six and seven year olds, she asked the class, “What does ancient mean?”

Some kids said, “Dinosaurs” and some said, “Old enough to be forgotten” and Zachary Hitchens said, “It’s when your boobs sag and your skin wrinkles and you can’t see because you have catracks in…

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