An Open Letter to Lena Dunham

I think you’re brilliant.
Or maybe something is missing.
Are your main female characters with unbrushed hair and questionable choices in men a statement about something?
Or a lack of something to say?

At first when I watched girls I could recognize myself a little in the mistakes of Hannah. I could see how some situations might bring you into something awkward and questionable. I still feel that small little piece of myself buried in my soul where I wonder am I good enough, maybe if this one guy thinks so then I am at least for him? I don’t brush my hair, but you can’t tell. It tangles in curls and when I brush it it becomes one giant mass of an ugly poufy wave.
Would you consider yourself feminist?
That word tastes like metal in my mouth, but I believe in equality. I believe in women.
The awkward sex and drugged up nights and friends sleeping with your ex boyfriend.
Is this supposed to be a tale of truth? Or a statement of unglamorized television?
I watched Tiny Furniture and I wanted to be the wearer of the giant shoes in the photographs. I also wanted to be small enough to curl up into the tiny fake furniture and cry about how i just don’t know anything any more. And sometimes I just don’t feel like keeping up with the laundry or taking out the trash either.
Life is like a giant quarter life crisis. What am I to do next?
Move on to mid-life
Discover something great
Create a diversion
Dare to write tales of truth and reality?
I think you’re brilliant
because you’re a creator, a writer, a producer, an actress
You’re a star on paid cable television
And you’re
Of course there are critics. And there are jealous twenty-somethings who think they can do better. But you’re the girl on television writing the script. You’re creating in a ways most people only dream of and it’s making an impact. People are talking.
You have a voice.
And you use it
just like every girl/ man/ person who writes in a blog, tweets, uses Facebook to share information about food politics and body language.
You have a voice that’s brilliant and a little bit off color maybe sometimes people are insulted & throw insults
Still it’s your body half naked on the television
a real woman, real body, real flesh.
And it’s feminist to present yourself as yourself, because you’re a woman.

But who cares about the term feminism, because that isn’t the point.
The point is the voice
the opinion
the words
the creation
the existence
the brilliance

xo.Melanie Kristy


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lena Dunham

  1. So, remember that “Girls” piece I wrote for Girls week on the Kindred Collective but was shy about posting? It’s An Open Letter to Lena Dunham! True story! How funny is that?! That’s it, I’m posting mine today! I love yours, the poetry and thought behind it.

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