Snowed In


I’ve been snowed in these last couple of days, charging my phone when I finally had access to my car and sleeping in two sweatshirts under three blankets. With no cpap machine so my sleeping hasn’t been very well. One thing that’s going without the machine always reminds me: lose weight and maybe you won’t need it. Maybe I could go camping again or sporadically sleep over someone’s house. Just maybe. But anyway, I read two books and tried to escape cabin fever by being the passenger while my dad plowed some extra driveways. He and my brother both plow for the town. My dad plowed from 530pm on Friday straight through to 2pm on Saturday then spent 3 more hours plowing our driveway and a few others. My brother plowed from 5:30 until 11 on Saturday then again he went out at six this morning. And they have one more day of plowing tomorrow. The roads are still a mess, some streets aren’t accessible because there are trees and wires down.

Also, if you have Vine feel free to add me on there. My user name is melaniekristy and I just started playing with it this weekend.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend. I didn’t take many because it was too cold to hang out in the snow.








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