I’m part of a new project called The Kindred Collective. Here’s my first post on this week’s theme Foundations.

The Kindred Collective

Hey! I’m Melanie. I’m a writer, a reader and a blogger (melaniekristy.com). I’m a future librarian, a collector of neat ideas and an adventurer aching to get out and adventure. I’ve been thinking a lot about what my foundation is, what I’ve been built on and there are a few things that come to mind. I was built on the hard earth of a sleepy farmers town, hidden in a world of cranberries and bike rides. My personality was shaped from imaginary friends, real life conspirers and a steady family. I’ve always been a believer in make believe, off beat when everyone else wanted to be in tune. Since 2nd grade when I was introduced to story writing and computers (with bright green words etched into a dark green computer screen) I’ve wanted to write. My biggest muses since then have been music, fiction and people.

When I think about…

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