Thirteen Things to Do in 2013

So here we are, it’s 2013 already. I feel good about this year, but truthfully the odd numbered years seem to be better for me. 2005 was full of parties and going to California, 2007 I graduated with a Bachelors and spent a few weeks in Italy, 2009 I spent a lot of time with Sarii, went to New York City and Martha’s Vineyard and I turned 25. In 2011 I went to Memphis and visited Graceland, Shaylin got married and I met Francesca Lia Block and some other various firsts.

That’s not to dis-count the even numbered years though. I just feel better about odd numbers.

Anyway, I’m not making many resolutions this year, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead I am listing things I want to do and focusing  to start, on eating real food. I’ll move on from there.

1. Watch the sun rise (Already got this one out of the way, but I’d like to do it more).
2. Finish Nana Sprinkles. Edit it to completion, fill in the gaps, make it ready to submit.
3. Make cheese. Probably mozzarella.
4. Go to The Strand bookstore in New York City
5. Participate in guerrilla gardening
. take a water yoga or water aerobics class
7. participate in a flash mob
8. go to a psychic and have my cards read
9. put my ad up for this blog in at least 3 blogs
10. submit a piece of writing to Rookie Mag
11. Submit a short story for publication somewhere

I guess this list isn’t finished but I plan to revisit it throughout the year.
Do you have any suggestions?



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