The First Sunrise


For years I’ve been telling myself that I want to see the first sunrise of the new year. I want to get up way too early and venture toward the ocean and experience nature. And for years I’ve let this idea slowly slip away, because I wasn’t ready for it. Because I didn’t want to wake up early. Because it’s damn cold in January.

But this year, I did it.


I convinced my friend Heather to wake up way too early with me and meet me near the beach. I bundled up in two pairs of socks, a sweatshirt and wool coat, scarf, and gloves. I brought towels to sit on.

We were going to picnic there but decided to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches after our adventure. (I did, however, have an amazing Gingerbread Man coffee on the ride back to my house).


I wanted to do something that was different, though. I wanted to write everything down that I wanted to let go of and do something symbolic to let it go. So I bought pretty scrap book paper and some cut out things from Michaels. I brought Sharpie markers. We wrote our secrets on them, I listed the health issues, weight and habits I wanted to be rid of and then we took the cut outs and made confetti of our problems. We talked about how we wanted our new year to be, what we wanted to do different or strive for.


A lot of people think it’s cliche to make “resolutions” or goals for the new year. They think it’s dumb that people at parties are going to talk about all the things they’ll probably never do and make all these plans and ideas for things they’ll forget about tomorrow. But I think it’s important to take the time to think about change. I think that, even if you don’t actively follow through with these new plans, it’s good to think about them. Because you can’t improve on yourself or change anything unless you think about it first, right?


So when I got home I took out a piece of scrapbook paper and wrote all over it words for my new year. My WORD of the new year is PRESENT, as in BE MORE PRESENT. But I wrote lots of other words I want to incorporate into my life or hold onto. It’s basically an inspiration world cloud of insight and hopes and goodness. I’m going to pin it above my desk to look at daily.

photo (1)

I hope everyone is having a great day, no matter how they spent their New Years Eve (hungover? I went to bed at 9pm…) or Day 🙂

xo Melanie.Kristy







5 thoughts on “The First Sunrise

  1. I love this post so much, you had so many great ideas and I KNOW this year is going to be amazing for you. We didn’t really have a much of a sunrise here in Rochester—too much snow falling from the sky, but I love the idea so much of scribbling words in a journal.

    The pictures of the sunrise coming through the hearts are amazing! ❤

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