Manic Monday

It’s Monday again! How can that be? The weekend was just here, wasn’t it? I’m just so sick of Mondays, aren’t you? I’m sick of the reminder that me weekend, which was a little space in my life just for me, is gone. I have to share myself and my space with other people. This usually means different responsibilities than I had on Sunday and most definitely a different pace than I’ve spent my last 24-48 hours.

What can do to make your Mondays (Even if that day of the week isn’t actually Monday) a little bit better? What fills you up and gets you through the week? Here are some things to try:

* Carrying around a new book with you, even if you don’t get the chance to try it
* Scheduling writing into your day (Nano writers, blog writers, journalers, haiku connoisseurs, etc.) even if it’s in blocks of ten minutes at a time
* Making sure to smell good, like something that’ll make you smile every time you catch a whiff of yoruself
* A huge coffee to get caffeine working on your side. Make sure it tastes amazing, too.
* A new nail color to start off your week
* A new bracelet (made of hearts) to cover your tattoo (and remind you of love.)
* Schedule something at the end of the week that’s going to make working these next 40-45 hours so totally worth it
* Set up a savings account with direct deposit into it every week so you don’t have to think about it
* If you have the extra change, consider a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure
* Tell someone you love them. Or hint that you might like someone. Or kiss someone for extra long in the morning before the real world rushes in
* Re-examine your priorities. Maybe Mondays aren’t the best day for you to actually do work. Or maybe you’re taking too many classes. Working too many hours. Spending too much money.
* Do yoga tonight after work. Even if it’s simple — a few downward facing dogs, childs poses and forward bends should bring you back to yourself
* Remember the phrase: I am here. When things feel overwhelming, tell yourself, I am here. This helps you focus on only the very moment you are in which in turn should help the overwhelm.
* Pack a lunch tonight for tomorrow (and maybe you did the same last night for today). It takes away the guesswork of lunch time and also saves you from spending extra money.
* Think of all the things you could do with what you’ll earn today.
* Take a shower and start your week off clean and fresh


One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. Melanie, I have a question about a photo you took that was published on The Good Groupie blog & getting permission to use it on a website. Please email me at allison [at] Thanks!

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