Why You Should Participate in NaNoWriMo

So on Wednesday I wrote up a whole post in my journal about the reasons I was not going to do NaNoWriMo * this year. Some of the reasons were this: you work 40-44 hours a week, you are taking two graduate level classes, you haven’t taken the time to let yourself just read in forever, sometimes you have friends who want to see you, you have a birthday weekend and Thanksgiving in November, you have won two of the eight years you’ve known about NaNo and you have nothing to prove.


And then Thursday, November first came. And I felt a little bit empty. I already felt like I was missing out.

I started typing just words to myself and somehow I managed to convince myself to at least give it a try. Because who knows, maybe it’ll motivate me. Maybe it won’t matter that I won’t be reading for yet another month because I’ll be immersed in my own world and with my own imaginary friends.

So here are some reasons that, if you’re considering joining NaNoWriMo this year (it’s not too late!) you should:

* it forces some sort of discipline on you. November is the only time I can get a regular, consistent writing schedule down. Sure, after November it goes back to sporadic and only usually when inspired or forced but for November it’s great
* some writers are against NaNo because they think “just because you write 50,000 words in a month does not mean you are a writer”. I disagree entirely. Sure, it might not mean you’re a GOOD writer. But you’re still a writer. You WROTE all those words. That makes you one. LEgit.
* Word Wars with friends online and in person, there’s communities in different locations you can join and go to write-a-thons and attend parties and meet new people. I have not done any of this except for online word wars with distant friends.
* WHY NOT? Even if you’re buried in work and homework and outside pressure and anxiety and everything else. You can always try. Make you’ll get 5000 words out. But that’s 5000 more than you would have.

Those are the main reasons. But I just think it’s a wonderful thing to attempt (if you’re an aspiring writer, that is or even if you just thought you’d give writing a try). I should get on top of that now since it’s day two and my word count is currently 341 words.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Why or why not?



* November is National Novel Writing Month and the challenge for the month is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.



2 thoughts on “Why You Should Participate in NaNoWriMo

  1. I’ve never entered NaNoWriMo before but have briefly thought about it once or twice. November is such a busy month for me, what with also having a birthday and Thanksgiving, working and Christmas shopping, etc. so it’s just something I never felt like I could put the required effort in to. Maybe I will take part in ErNoWriMo next year, which is Erica’s Novel Writing Month. 🙂

  2. I’m doing it, even though I’m in the musical and I’m moving and I work 40 hours a week. I need it because I need to learn to write again, it’s like going on a diet or jumping on a treadmill when you used to be a marathon runner and haven’t run in years. I need to know what it feels like to fall in love with characters and a place again. And honestly, I can write 2000 words in an hour easily (if I focus) so it isn’t too much a time suck. I appreciate NaNoWriMo as a program that brings people together and helps them to focus on their goals and teaches them discipline.

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