La Dolce Vita


* The Sweet Life*

I’m not sure if you’d believe it, but I keep on writing blog posts in my Moleskine and not posting them. If you knew me in person you probably would believe this. I do a lot of writing. And a lot of it tends to just sit there. i make no apologies. Instead I’ll just tell you some things about my life that have been pretty sweet lately.

* Under the Tuscan Sun randomly on television yesterday and I had the opportunity to see all of it. I love that movie.

* Bath and Body Works is devoted to Paris. This makes it easy to find sweet smelling body spray (that I bought, of course, with glitter in it. It’s called Sweet on Paris and shaped like the Eiffel Tower) but also macaron scented candles and… bread scented candles. I’m not sure I’d ever buy or light a baguette scented candle however, the fact that it exists excites me a lot.


* Toasting marshmallows


* Fall is approaching. Fall is easily my favorite season of the year. Until it’s January and I’m aching for spring. I love them both, really. For different reasons.

* From Bagels to Buddha. I don’t want anyone to think I haven’t been reading. But lately I’ve been reading more about consciousness. And Buddhism. And aching to take some yoga classes (I know, I know. Just do it already!)

* Meeting new people and learning about them. This mostly takes place online as I’m taking classes online and generally good at finding my way around the internet.

* Mango chicken curry. I’m kind of baffled it took me this long to try it. But it’s delicious.

* I’m rather stoked about The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. It is my favorite book, and the trailer looks like a movie I’d love. Then I found out the author of the novel wrote the screen play and directed the movie. So I am so ready to watch it multiple times. And You’ll probably be hearing more about it when it comes out. But for the mean time, here’s … here’s a link to the trailer. While I’d normally just post the video in this post, WordPress likes to change up how to post things and I can’t find a video post anywhere on this site.

Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer

((nevermind. WordPress wouldn’t let me publish my post in the format it was in anyway. I don’t know why! So I switched to the way I like it, and here’s the trailer!!!)

Perks of Being a Wallflower

* Facebook. Okay, so I quit Facebook for a while and I’m working on how to make it work in my life. I don’t want to quit it for good (although I didn’t miss much from not going on) because of networking opportunities and meeting new people and feeling connected every once in a while. I don’t want to feel like I’m too connected and stretching myself thin. However, if you’re reading this and we are not already friends feel free to add me (just tell me you’re from here at least or comment on this post to let me know)/ Melanie Kristy on Facebook and not even a fanpage.

* Lunches with friends. I do lunches a lot. (though this may be the end of lunches. Grad school is taking over my life on Wednesday!) Todays lunch is Mexican food. Which reminds me that I’m running late.
What’s so sweet about your life lately?


3 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita

  1. The Perks is one of my favorite movies and I am very anxious to see it, not only because it being The Perks but because I want to see how Emma portrays Sam in the film.

    FB-> Did you see my status update this morning about wondering why I have a FB again and being such a spazz? I’m totally going to delete it before the day is over, I just am waiting for confirmation from a friend that she also uses Gtalk and not just FB Chat.

  2. Best of luck starting grad school! I took the plunge this time last year and it has been a challenge! Also, a while ago I read ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ the actual book (I know, right?) and although different from the film, it still had that sweep-me-away-to-Tuscany feel, and I loved comparing it with the film. I recommend. Thanks for linking the trailer for ‘Perks’, it looks smashing!

    • thank you!!!! we should email or something instead of tweeting and commenting (or are we friends on facebook?) and discuss things… like grad school. and what you’re going for? i read under the tuscan sun a few years ago! while i enjoyed it, i found it a lot dryer than the book but still lovely.

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